Five vying for presidency of media association

Five vying for presidency of media association
Clinton Reynolds
President of media association. Clinton Reynolds. Photo credit:

The Media Association of Saint Lucia will elect a new executive committee for the period 2014-2016 on Sunday May 18, 2014.

This will be done at the biennial meeting for the association from 3 p.m. at the Monroe College.

Nominations are already in for the seven available positions under the association’s constitution.

Although some are nominated more than once, an individual can only be elected into one post.

Those vying for the post of president include DBS News Presenter Onel Sandford-Belle and current president Clinton Reynolds who is seeking re-election. He was elected to the post in 2012.

According to the association’s website, all those who wish to vote should be in “good standing” with the association by May 18, at 3 p.m.

The full list of nominees are:
• President: Onel Sandford-Belle, Jerry George, Clinton Reynolds, Wayne Whitfield and Bernard Fanis;
• Vice President: Clinton Reynolds, Lucius Doxerie, Delia Dolor and Wayne Whitfield;
• Treasurer: Glen Simon;
• Secretary: Tecla Fontenard, Medalise Breen, Richmond Felix and Cherry Ann Gaillard-Williams;
• Communications Officer/Assistant Secretary: Stan Bishop, Delia Dolor, Jerry George and Lissa Joseph;
• Floor Members: Lera Celestine, Maria Fontenelle, Kendal Eugene, Dale Elliot, Claudia Monlouis, Wayne Whitfield, Elijah Williams, Stan Bishop and Lissa Joseph.

Members of the media are urged to participate in the election.

More details can be found at the association’s website at


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  1. I still see you at it again. Trying to be the mouth peice of the association. Nothing but Tom and Jerry.


  2. All this in the name of just being a president and having it on your resume. In the rest of the world journalist are put in jail for their tenacity. Is this media Association a gruop of guys swiming downstream waiting to be the next chosen one in consultancy? Rick is the only president that should be because he speaks facts and is not afraid. Go under your mama's beds and put your fingers in a mouth and suck this.


  3. You guys have the right name Media ASS..ociation. TOO FLIPPING COWARD to ask questions. TOO CHICKEN to mention names in facts. TOO SCARED to investigate anything. What could i say an association of aiders and abbettors. The accountability of this association to the public could be a charge under the Gang legislation. , but you will mention people that their pack is low and don't threaten to sue... what about the Chakadan and the youth at Babonneau Investigations CHICKENS, no more about that. I dare you to ask the Minister about them. Cowards.


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