Five couples got married at the same time at Saint Lucia church

Five couples got married at the same time at Saint Lucia church

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has the aim of helping people in many parts of Saint Lucia in different areas of their lives.

The church was established in the country for the past six and a half years and the work has grown tremendously.

The Youth Power Group (YPG Saint Lucia), one of the arms of the church, has been working with the young people to transform their lives. The group had won trophies for the Most Outstanding Youth Organization and the Most Outstanding Religious Organization in the country.

With the aim of encouraging people to live a holy life, the pastors conducted a special wedding ceremony where the members that wanted to get married can do so. For some reasons or financial difficulties they couldn’t accomplish their dream for many years. They finally got this opportunity on May 31st 2018.

Five couples went to the Altar on the same day to confirm their decision of living together “till death do us part”.

“My dream was to get marry for many years and something was blocking my ways. I prayed to God and made a vow to Him. My request to God was to get marry in 2018 and on the day of my birthday and today is my birthday and I am getting married.” – said Mrs Rufina Felix.


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  1. It is not Churches' business/duty to marry people. Their job is to halt/prevent break-ups.


    • Like really! People who go to church are not perfect... Church is a place to go because you have sinned and you realise that you have not been living right and you want to make things right with the Lord.

      Why can't we just be happy for one another !!
      What is this world turning into......


      • It is a step in the right diection just put your marrige in gods hands ,humble yourselves , submit yourselves one to another and he will do thr rest amen


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