Fisherman sent to prison for 100K worth of cannabis

Fisherman sent to prison for 100K worth of cannabis

A father of six children was on Wednesday sentenced in the High Court to seven years in prison for possession of over $100,000 worth of cannabis, discovered in his vehicle on July 27, 2011.

Keran Louis, a fisherman from the south of the island, was on probation for a similar offence at the time of his arrest.

Though he pleaded guilty to the offence, Louis had at first pleaded not guilty and was gearing up for a trial in the matter.

Justice Cumberbatch told Louis during his sentencing hearing that the court, being aware of the harmful effects of cannabis and of its prevalence in society, especially as it relates to minors, he felt a need to protect society form persons like Louis.

In handing down the sentence, Cumberbatch took into consideration the following factors: Louis is a father of six children, all minors; the crime is a very serious offence; the quantity of drugs with a street value of over $100,000; the effects of the drug on persons and society; the fact that the incident was premeditated; the previous convictions of the defendant; the early guilty plea, which eschewed the need for a trial; and the expression of remorse on the part of the defendant.

Louis was handed four years imprisonment on the charge of possession, which was reduced to two years due to his early guilty plea.  He was given eight years on the charge of possession which was reduced to five years due to the early plea of guilt.

The sentences will be served concurrently, meaning that they will run at the same time.  Time already served will also be taken into account.

Louis will serve his seven-year term from July 2011.  He can look forward to release in July 2018.


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  1. "Keran Louis, a fisherman from the south of the island". What town village, etc, is this in St. Lucia?


  2. I would love to ask justice cumberbatch to identify the harmful effects of the herb on society. The alchol & cigarettes cause twice as much damage!! stop fighting a plant! Total Ignorance!!


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