Fisherfolks fed up with conditions at Dennery port

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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Fisherfolks of Dennery are complaining that they ply their trade under much discomfort and are now making a clarion call to the relevant authority to do something to relieve them of their plight.

But while they are complaining bitterly about their plight, some residents and a stakeholder of the Dennery Fishing Port are accusing them of contributing to their own discomfort.

According to Michael Williams, a fisherman in the community, their problems include the constant cut in water supply at the Dennery Fishing Port and the stench that emanates from the remains of fish cleaned by the boat and fish handlers, commonly called “Boat Boys”, which they are forced to endure.

“People are complaining about the state of the area. They say they don’t like to see its condition…,” Williams said.

He added that they (fisherfolks) are being blamed for the untidiness of the fishing port when they are not the ones responsible for it.

The water bills of the port are paid by the Dennery Constituency Council which is also responsible for cleaning the stalls there.

Investigations by this reporter have revealed that the water had been cut over the years because of unpaid exorbitant water bills.

Commenting on the water situation at the port, a source at the Dennery Constituency Council said the fisherfolks constantly waste water there.

“They (fisherfolks) wash vehicles and bath at the port. This is not allowed…” the source told this reporter.

The water supply which was cut for close to three weeks was recently restored at the port.

As it relates to the untidiness of the port, especially where the stalls are located, the source said that workers of the Council work from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., so as a result are not around to clean the area whenever boats come in late.

“Instead of the Boat Boys cleaning the area which they have made untidy with their fish guts….they leave it the same way for the Council’s workers to clean it the following day,” the source lamented.

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  1. I went there one to take some photos and had to turn back when I saw human feces...

  2. Why the Fisher's cannot use the sea water to clean the fish......Which God tell them they have to use pipe water to clean fish....You'll by the sea work with Nature's gifts,the Natural sea water,When the people buy the fish the will go home abd wash it with pipe or Tap water....And to the fisher's who go out later to fish,the cleaning,and sanitizing is on you'll,clean up you'll Scales and Guts....You'll need to chip in to make things good for you'll, then the government can have more monies to do more.....People quarreling about who's turn to clean up.And who should clean up,In order to be a good prosperous Citizen every Man and Woman must pull their weight....Stop Complaining and do for you'll self and Country. ..Then you'll Children will learn by example...St.Lucia is you'll Homes...Outsiders will not help you'll if you'll not doing but complaining....''Fisher folks" get it to gether.Clean up after You'll.Stop blaming Government always.And Bleach and Clorox cheap.

  3. Strong smell of urine and feces at the port as fishermen and boat boys and drug addicts and dealers (the titles are often an intersection of multiple of these labels) use the surrounding areas as their toilets. I visited the area recently and was utterly disgusted. I was happy that I had not brought a friend with me, after having boasted repeatedly of eating freshly caught fish daily.

  4. Above all the complains , this area has also become a drug landing area . Everyone should come together to upkeep this place . Even the cooperative members have stole large some of money , and the fishermen can't get materials to go out fishing . No respect for the fishermen. Smh

  5. To deal with the water issue as a result of unpaid water bills, maybe a small desalination plant can be a solution. There's plenty of seawater right there by the docks. A desal plant can make the seawater usable for cleaning and other purposes. I'm sure funding can be sourced to implement a sustainable water solution.


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