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First Saint Lucian UK tuition scholarships students depart

Press release

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PRESS RELEASE – John Kennedy, President of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, together with Chairman, Mandish Singh and Deputy Chairman, George Alcindor today travelled to Hewanorra airport in order to see off the first 18 Saint Lucian Students to have been granted full tuition fee Scholarship places at Britain’s BPP University in the heart of London.

John Kennedy told the media, “the first action of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce has been to facilitate almost 50 full tuition fee scholarship places to one of the most modern and successful business and law universities in the UK.

Together with RICE, Dr Steven King and Shelley Anne Noon, in the space of just over 6 weeks, we have gone from an idea to full realisation.

Today, at the airport, we wish these young academics bon voyage as they fly off, across the Atlantic Ocean, on the first step in a fantastic and exciting new chapter in their lives.

Opportunity is a precious thing and speaking to the students at the airport today, I know that they will make the most of it and return home with skills and knowledge that they can proudly put at the disposal of their fellow countrymen”.

As part of its 40th anniversary activities, BPP University, London, England, made available 50 full tuition scholarships in the fields of law and business to Saint Lucian students, through the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce and RISE.

The scholarships will be for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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  1. Use the opportunity wisely and make St Lucia proud.

  2. Lucy if you have nothing to say just don't say anything at all

  3. This is to the so-called "teacher" please use correct grammar and be mindful of your punctuation and spelling! You are embarrassing other Teachers! Thank you.

  4. I am wondering if anyone else can apply for the remaining scholarships. SNO can you verify and let us know please???
    im sure there are many other who would like the opportunity to be considered.

  5. very good RISE. note that out of the 50 schols, 32 have gone down the drain. this is because the ministry only advertised the scholarship meeting on the same day of the meeting two hours before. Commendable for RISE effort but the ministry could have worked harder to make sure all or most scholarships were taken up.

  6. I would like to commend RISE St. Lucia Inc. They have proven that they not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. This is an excellent opportunity. I have every confidence that our St. Lucian students will take full advantage of this great opportunity. However, please encourage them to think outside the box and explore areas such as agriculture, not because i'm a farmer but I truly believe it's the back bone of our economy. We certainly do not need anymore lawyers in St. Lucia, great profession, but we are at saturation point.

  8. I have studied there myself and they are a good provider. I hope the young Lucians use the opportunity wisely - it does not come cheap to go there.

    Best of luck


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