First LGBT pride celebration comes to Saint Lucia

By 758 Pride Saint Lucia

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A gay pride march/celebration in Argentina

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia pride committee has launched a logo and theme in preparation for the country’s first ever public LGBT pride celebration. This marks a historic occasion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on Saint Lucia.

The logo features a heart-shaped splash in rainbow colours and black, reflecting the diversity of our human family. A black fist emerges with the passion of ongoing activism to achieve full recognition of the human rights of LGBT people in the Caribbean.

The 2019 celebration theme “Persist with pride”, is an affirmation for the LGBT community and supporters, as we stay the path towards the goal of full recognition.

Pride is scheduled for August 23 – 26, 2019, with activities aimed at educating and sensitising the general public, as well as nurturing the dignity of non-heterosexual and gender non-conforming people on Saint Lucia. Public activities include a panel on LGBTQ in Saint Lucia – Then and Now, Youth Engagement on the Meaning of Pride Beyond Sexual Orientation and a Pride Family Day and Health Fair. A Pride Fashion Show and an Island Exploration highlighting areas of note for LGBT Saint Lucians are planned specifically for LGBT people and allies.

Several community organisations and business partners are expected to be part of the Family Day and Health Fair, which will include health talks and screenings, congratulatory speeches, performances and giveaways.

Since June 1970, LGBT Pride Celebrations has grown to become an internationally recognised movement of claiming time and space for the unapologetic celebration and affirmation of gender and sexual minorities in all of their
diversity and multi-dimensional realities, denouncing violence and hate.

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed the growth of the OECS LGBT community mobilisation and visibility.
Advocacy surrounding the advancement of the human rights of all gender and sexual minorities has been increasing. PRIDE in the OECS is an acknowledgment of freedom of association and assembly which aims to create a
space addition to reducing stigma and discrimination often faced by the LGBT community around the OECS.

In 2018 Caribbean pride celebrations were successfully and peacefully staged in Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, St
Croix, Belize, and Jamaica, where two celebrations are held annually. The longest-running Caribbean pride celebration is held in Curacao.

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  1. There are sins that are forgiven, and there are sins that are not forgiven. Not only Sodom and the
    Cities around it were bombed out of existence, so was Pompii in Italy. Sins may be forgiven after
    repentance, confessing it, asking God to cleanse you by the Blood shed on the Cross, if you believe in it
    and turn away from your wicked ways. Failing this - I will stop here - it's up to you. I pray that you don't
    succeed in turning this poor Island into another Sodom. We are allowing this so called freedom of ours
    to go too far - STOP NOW - or face the consequences. God is watching you, and there is a judgement day.
    This is not the only danger facing St.Lucia, the authorities MUST get tough with the crime rate, or perish.

  2. There are many causes that deserve attention and righteous anger such as eliminating poverty, despair and isolation. Homosexuality is not one of them. .Our communities have many broken down houses, some are of historical value why not direct intellect and energy to conservation: environmental and architectural, and help beautify the country, uplift the community and the nation. Or better still, engage in community development and mediation to heal and repair fractured lives. This would yield a higher dividend: give people hope for a better and brighter future. LGBTQ will rise, shine and overcome as in the case of oppression such as slavery and racism. This is one of many humanizing milestones a society must achieve if it is to wear the badge of being civilized, democratic and equal.

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    But i cant help it, i like the same sex, i tried to deny it and did the opposite sex with different ppl, different types, styles and lifestyles of the different sex and i could not stomach it. Once i literally throw up. Am I sick? Am a a victim of my parents sins? I Can't change even if i tried too. I don't think u control who you love or who you are attracted too. This is beyond our control. Lucky for some of us we fall under the "right" path. the path were we fall in love with the opposite sex, where we can reproduce. because there's no way i can reproduce with having sex with the persons i am attracted too. there's no way. Is something wrong with me? or am i the problem? counselling isnt helping. ive been to more than one therapist. Are they not doing their jobs right? Tell me. Tell me that what i am feeling naturally is a mistake on God's Part. In no way am i purposely trying to be attracted to my same sex. So tell me,,,, Am i a glitch?

    • No you have mental illness check you self into the mental institution and banish your self from amongst us all ! It’s just that simple !

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    But i cant help it, i like the same sex, i tried to deny it and did the opposite sex with different ppl, different types, styles and lifestyles of the different sex and i could not stomach it. Once i literally throw up. Am I sick? Am a a victim of my parents sins? I Can't change even if i tried too. I don't think u control who you love or who you are attracted too. This is beyond our control. Lucky for some of us we fall under the "right" path. the path were we fall in love with the opposite sex, where we can reproduce. because there's no way i can reproduce with having sex with the persons i am attracted too. there's no way. Is something wrong with me? or am i the problem? counselling isnt helping. ive been to more than one therapist. Are they not doing their jobs right? Tell me. Tell me that what i am feeling naturally is a mistake on God's Part. In no way am i purposely trying to be attracted to my same sex. So tell me,,,, Am i a glitch?

  5. I see u do not,support diffrent points of view mr administrator again I will post it christ had a sausage fest .12 guys drinking wine and having a blast.a sausage fest ,and no one questioned if they were gay.

    • No one was bulling in the Pic. So once guys are together we have to question whether they are gay? Is that what you are saying? Perversion of someone's belief just to justify a question, isn't that taking it too far? We are not questioning a different point of view we are questioning a different action. Being gay is not the question, imposing it and making demands on society to accept it is the problem. What about people who want to have sex with animals, their own family or your underage family? Isn't that their point of view also? But all these things and sexual orientations are illegal, so what makes yours so special that it should be imposed and made legal in society? I am yet to get a plausible argument why being gay will benefit society and will not act as a gate opening up to people having rights to have sex with vehicles or peoples' lunch bags.

      I get it that you do not believe in the Bible, but you cannot, not believe that the very laws and rights arising that you rely on are derived from the Bible. If you don't believe the Bible then avoid using it period to get rights.

  6. Funny I am no gay supporter,but respect their right of existence. As yourself a few questions,as u live in a so called democracy, does the lifestyle impact on yours.does it affect you in anyway shape or form,if so tell me how it affects you,and I am pretty sure ,many of those commenting,and I can be wrong,are having anal sex,weather its women on the receiving end or guys ,yes and i know what you will say if it is a girl it different, a nation of thieves.killers ,rapist not to forget ,a lot of decent hard working folks and yes religious nuts who want to impose the beliefs on people who have or born into this lifestyle .while all belonging to an institution which have for many years molested boys and girls.and again I am happly married and do not wish to impose marriage on anyone.

    • Well it does have an impact on the health system as gay practices are very unhealthy. It also contributes to the decline in the birth rate which could have an impact on many aspects of the economy. It could also bankrupt the social security and taxation revenues of countries which depends on future populations to pay debts that are being acquired now.

      Does that answer your question?

      • decline in birth rate yes .unhealthy,compared to what ,accidents alcoholism,that put far more strain on health services,bankrupting social security .and taxation,no show me one country thas has been bankrupt by homosexuality,1 and I will shut my mouth,st lucia stands a better chance of being bankrupt by corrupt politicans,lack of proper taxation implementation and collection methods.

  7. Why do LGBT always point to other wrongs to justify their behavior and never any good? Because its bad behavior period! LGBT is saying that if there is a little adultery, thievery and murder why can't bull a little. So you see why the argument is absurd.

  8. Wasn't it in St Lucia, a few weeks ago, winners from a game show from the UK felt threatened because dispalying their homosexuality was considered illegal? Now a parade is being organised? Are the supporters gonna be arrested?

  9. that logo so lapo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Nah support battyman

  11. Screaming at the comments. Homosexuality has existed ever since Adam and Eve stepped out the garden for it is there all sin originated from. Sodom and Gomorrah weren't destroyed for homosexuality but because the smell of sin was so great that it burned God nostrils. Homosexuality is found in every culture and race as far back as humans have walked the earth. It's a normal occurrence really. Ignorance without education is prevalent in St. Lucia and the wider globe. The countries that say they don't accept homosexuality has a higher rate of it within their bothers. It's like having a minority who feel oppressed but no matter that they numbers keep growing. To the Christian's making biblical quotes to act self righteous. God is ever watching hypocrisy is a dangerous trait of religion. Your pastors live in huge mansions, drive fancy rides and engage in all facets of sin and you Christians fill they pockets like sheep with wool over they eyes. Whilst poor people suffer, and there are better things to donate aid to. You whoremongers quick to pelt rubbish especially thugs you'll bull under cover politicans to don't even ask for youth workers especially those down here. Homosexuality is found in every facet of today's society just like any other sin. Please don't come with its unnatural for it's with science that we say what's natural and unnatural. Don't come for me I don't engage in keyboard battles.

    • Quiet late comer to the topic !!

    • You said: "Homosexuality is found in every facet of today's society just like any other sin." So you are so concerned about homosexuality being not so high up on the sins ratings? Because you are clearly agreeing that it is a sin. So what are you saying? That because people commit this sin under cover we should publicize it to make it more practiced among sinners and avoid hypocrisy? People are hypocrites over all sins so i really don't understand your argument. Maybe if you bull a little bit more it may find itself into the prestigious category of rape, incest and bestiality.

  12. I SEE ALL YOU SORRY GAY SYMPATHIZERS, making augment abut other things that are considered sin like sleeping with married women and so on... FACT IS WE AIN’T PROMOTING THAT !!


    And what about the kids ? You want to see a bunch a young kids confuse in the place because these low life’s...United and Wrong Crazies

  13. like okay people gay okay people straight oka oka oka we don't have to comment or react to every shit that happens. everybody always knows what is right and what should and shouldn't but never practice it but take all their time and energy to hate each other. not supporting or going against it Jesus is displeased by A LOT off things that are happening on this earth. but we ignore it like human trafficking etc why not focus on that and not be wasting time hating and arguing about who like who and who wants who.. my unpopular opinion IF THE PERSON CHOOSES TO BE HOMOSEXUAL i respect that and require the same respect from them as a heterosexual. we can all leave in peace and happiness but we choose to do the opposite and then complain about the mess we put ourselves in. just allow people to live and be themselves. nobody is saying go out there and be gay or go and do stupid stuff. so much damn hate and ignorance in this country.

  14. Throw the whole parade away please. What are we teaching our innocent kids? You're gay, keep your business to yourself. As long as what you do not affect others, do your thing. Parading now?? That's crap. Stop trying to push LGBTQ down the throat of others who do not accept it. Accept that some people are not okay with it and respect others the way you all are craving for respect.

  15. The LGBT lifestyle goes against the teachings of the Holy Bible which is the word of God. It is not for us Christian's to judge them. They will receive judgement for their abominations by God. All we as Christian's can do is teach our children what is right so they don't fall into the lie that this is ok. They can March and show their pride all they want. Pray for them. God help them. Better yet, pray that God intervenes and maybe it will be cancelled due to really bad weather.

  16. For those stupid people who come on SNO trying to play all good, mighty and Christian for accepting bulling lifestyle. You see, I am convinced the dark angel parade in all shapes and colours and succeed in deceiving you all over and over. so your thinking goes like this; I am a christian , let me accept them and dont judge. your thinking is just the devil's workshop . FYI; God destroyed the city of Sodom and Ghomarah precisely because of these abhorrent gay practices and other vices. It brings disease and destruction of family values, much like a man and woman dragging their parts all over the place! these things are not good in the sight of God. And let me tell you all, as someone who has been in and lived in those countries, you all following, the ordinary man and woman there, cannot stand the best bones in these bullahs and carpet munchers. this destruction is destroying your islands. like someone say already, you all adopting white man practice in the caribbean. the greeks were bullahs of the highest order. the africans who have tried to protect their soul knew that these people weaknesses could not be adopted at any cost. you boys stop bulling! and you girls stop looking and licking at other women!

  17. Don't know what it going on, I hope st.lucians do not support this it's not happening, how did these people become so powerful st.lucia is against this Google it we're listed as one of these countries who doesn't support this.

  18. Legalize the herb.

  19. Walk for mental illness. I support the search for a cure for this branch of mental illness. These are sick people who need help before they end their lives. Let them have their walk. Just dont show up to support it if you are against it.

  20. You'll be lucky to find a few gay people in your family and community. Look around: they make the best, most loyal, and most caring of friends.

  21. Why is the black fist of power in their stupid symbol. Remove it please. We are still struggling as black people and that is what you want to impose on us.

  22. People fail to realize their religion and beliefs aren’t the only ones existing. Not everyone believes what you believe in. Not everyone thinks the way you think. Stop trying to force your religion onto people. If they choose to love life that way and have their little community then let them be. If you don’t agree then go on you business. Some believe in God, jah, sun god, rain god, praying to dead ancestors, Jehovah, Yahweh, idols. Believe in what you believe in and stop feeling so but hurt when others don’t believe in what you do

    • I am so sorry for you because you confusing Gay with a belief. Being gay is a lifestyle not a belief because a belief has to do with a deity, whether you call him Jah, Jehovah, Mohammed, Buddha, sun god , rain god, dead ancestors etc. You cannot pray to Gay.

      Its amazing what kind of logic that people apply to simple questions just to get a desired result. By the way I asked children in first form ( 11 years) this question and they were able to apply proper logic. Check your IQ mate.

  23. Jesus said neither do I condemn you. But go and SIN NO MORE! Take heed people Jesus 'return is near. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrahfor same things! Abominable acts!

  24. It good to break a plantain in deh toubodah if is bool they want to bool

  25. Gay people need help for their mental health not acceptance. ...

  26. You cannot look at one without looking at the other,you cannot call yourself a true Christian and hate the LGBT community. The true god doesn't have hate in his heart,it doesn't matter what back ground you're from. We all know it is wrong but you cannot hate someone for their sexual preference because that doesn't make you a better person. We are all imperfect so therefore no body had the right to judge anyone. A lot of you'll so called Christians frown upon same sex relationships right but you'll are the same ones that have relations with married men, put division between families and so on but I guess to you'll it's fine because it wasnt same sex,no it's all wrong in the eyes of the true god so the way I see it, just let the people be and let the true do the judging,worry about how Jehovah sees you and let other people worry about themselves. You'll too hypocrite!!

    • BRO GOD HATE THE GAY LIFE STYLE ! What are you talking about?

      • God hates the lifestyle of all sins. Lies, judgement, adultery, fornication and hypocrisy much like you’re showcasing now. Throw your stone when you are without sin. Otherwise sit down

      • These are the days of Noah and Lot, that we are living in once again. The end is imminent, nations are preparing for WAR while we are fast asleep in our slumber and do not realize what is happening.

        My people get saved, give your lives to the Lord now before its too late!

      • What an evil God you serve if he fosters and encourages HATE

      • Yeah but watching somebody else woman or man and wanting to sleep with then is a sin to ih my yute so no matter yall goin to hell 🤷🏽

        • Of course but we are not promoting it and having a "I want another man woman march." You can be gay but don't march about it. You cannot tell a country lets legalize something that everybody agrees is wrong. How could you justify that which is wrong by pointing to other wrongs?????

      • Thats why he gave them AIDs

  27. You guys have issues, among them are, low self esteem, chemical imbalance in the brain, identity crisis, post traumatic stress disorder, some of you have impotence, child abuse and molestation...ALL OF WHICH REQUIRE HELP....medical attention and /or counseling.

    Because it is not NORMAL or even NATURAL to be attracted to the same sex...I see you all dying for attention, trying mighty hard to NORMALIZE THIS BEHAVIOR with this parade it will never BLOW UP....

    I will advise people let these people have their gay parade don't show up and take your kids and family to the beach...Cause the last thing you want, is for your kids to be suffering from anyone of these issues listed above.

    • Yup. This gay thing is getting way to much exhibitionist attention.

    • But i cant help it, i like the same sex, i tried to deny it and did the opposite sex with different ppl, different types, styles and lifestyles of the different sex and i could not stomach it. Once i literally throw up. Am I sick? Am a a victim of my parents sins? I Can't change even if i tried too. I don't think u control who you love or who you are attracted too. This is beyond our control. Lucky for some of us we fall under the "right" path. the path were we fall in love with the opposite sex, where we can reproduce. because there's no way i can reproduce with having sex with the persons i am attracted too. there's no way. Is something wrong with me? or am i the problem? counselling isnt helping. ive been to more than one therapist. Are they not doing their jobs right? Tell me. Tell me that what i am feeling naturally is a mistake on God's Part. In no way am i purposely trying to be attracted to my same sex. So tell me,,,, Am i a glitch?

  28. This is a prime example of when people like to follow other countries. Where they get that from.?This ain’t your culture but you want to come and bring this garbage here.
    Ha! A joke! Saint Lucia and the entire Caribbean will continue to be homophobic, it’s embedded in the society and we’re proud of it.
    Cause as African decent we recognize this is not our culture that’s these folks culture and you see it in their history. In statues in Greece, Greek theater all that. Know your self black people !! And separate your self from this folly !!
    Trying to force this life style down our throats will never work trust me, waist of time !!

    • It's embedded, true but don't blame it on Africa or African culture. Do your research. Many African cultures accepted LGBT people before divide and rule colonisation. Also remember that Africa is a vast and *very diverse* continent with MANY countries so don't act like it's all the same. Again - research needed. What is *NOT* our culture is the law against gay sex which was written by your colonial masters - England. They have brainwashed you to believe it came from us. Now they no longer need it to control people they have removed it and even apologized. But here you are defending their laws as if it's yours. If you're black, it ain't yours!! As a Christian you should also not be claiming hatred and discrimination as yours. live and let live.

      • Martha GET LOST !!

      • always trying to play smart and not being clever, in recent times a few countries on the continent has made adjustments through pressure from the west to accommodate gays (A FEW) ok just like they trying to do here and sellouts like you obviously accommodating them...

        Show me where in history that africa ever embrace gays like these folks have embraced. We talking about patriarchal societies dominated by men in most cases having more than one wife...Research what lady?

        I ain’t talking about one or two gays here and there every society have them...Am talking about in general this ain’t our thing... black folks have their religion all our religions forbid this behavior before colonialism so again. I shouldn’t even be entertaining you.


      • You see Martha, that's the problem with some of you Christians, no one is talking about Christianity here but you JUDGING thinking someone is a Christian...

        Martha did anyone say they were a Christian? Hello Martha...

        And Martha YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR BIBLE...Your own bible talks about the gays...So how the hell you want to have it both way. You a christian, but you want to make life comfortable for the gays.... YOU A JOKE !!

      • So Martha is predicating on research that has yet to be done. Go and do the research Martha and then come and talk. Which African society or religion that was accepting of Gay lifestyle? Not even masturbation was widely accepted. It would be unacceptable for a man to throw his seed to the ground. So what are you talking about?

  29. This IS Sodom and Gomorrah ,shame on my country St.Lucia God will deal with St.Lucia for their wickedness .

    • God will deal with you for all your sins.

      Watch yourself first.

      Are you saying that you have never committed a sin and good have dealt with you

    • Sodom and Gomorrah was a story about a city living in sin and having unnatural sex. Not specifically homosexuals but people who have oral sex, anal sex, threesomes, sex out of marriage and any sex that’s without the purpose of reproducing. So if you have partaken in any of these activities you would have found yourself there as well. ‘Send your stones when you are without sin’

    • In Africa we are not even considered african,i have been there and I know it..Botswana just decriminalized same what are u talking about,.show me a country without gay folks,and I show you a golden goose..our people need to be educated above a primary school level or else we will always be backward on all issues education and,cultural diffrences,,health issues is key.y

    • You mean the same God that allows you guys to be shot down like dogs in the street?

  30. Promoting Inclusion!

    This is an ideal opportunity for Saint Lucia and by extension the OECS, to begin the process of being an open society that is more inclusive and void of discrimination. I am often baffled by those who uses Christianity and the Bible to justify hate and to satisfy the practice of “othering”. Looking forward to the PRIDE Parade.

    • Ok forget about Christianity then and let's judge it from the natural order. A gay's couple can't procreate, there is no genetic material being passed on from them to their offspring as it is impossible. As such it is a behavioural issue. Like drugs and alcohol. Something that needs to be treated. Every one has rights but not everything they do is right.

  31. justice for all

    If you can blame those children of god for holding a parade and praise the catholic priest , then you are not a true christian . You are a hypocrite and a blasphemer . you must check your self before you wreck your self.

    • You are more of a hypocrite because Catholic priests are now going to JAIL. You have internet so use it wisely. Besides the job of a Christian is not to praise the priest it is to praise God. So you got all your facts mixed up but that's consistent with trying to justify that which has no justification. There is also a caveat in the Bible which protects the innocent followers of bad priests/ prophets/pastors. It says "WOE unto the Shepard who lead the flock astray." I guess also WOE unto you my brother/sister by your deciteful analogy.

  32. i cant believe this is happening in my country and the people that know better dont even speak against this. why? because they scared? if we dont do some these people going to take over our sweet saint lucia and run amock by giving place to the devil. right now i am ashamed to be a saint lucian if this take place

    • Ypu should be ashamed to be a human just for posting this

    • There is something called freedom of expression and freedom of association. Once one is not breaking the law or hurting someone else it's their right to hold and event, the same way it is yours. Save your shame and outrage.

      • Yes it affects the rights of my children because people have chosen deliberately not to be fruitful and multiply and my children are left with the burden of working to service the debt of adults who are galivanting all over the place bulling man, woman or mix. I hope this lifestyle will not affect our National Health Insurance too. I will be the first to sue. Talk about not affecting rights. Choops

  33. yes people all those that want to see who rubbing with who and who bulling come out to say the parade in such gay splendor.

  34. Y'all are not welcome here. Go and do your nastiness elsewhere. We are a Christian nation and the Bible says clearly this is an abomination

    • Who is not welcome?! The parade will be hosted by members of the Lgbt group right here in St. Lucia. Not some other country.

    • Proverbs 6:16-19 lists seven things which are also abominations: "haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are swift in running to mischief, a false witness who utters lies, and *one who spreads strife among brothers*". One of these you are doing right now so who is carrying out the abomination?

    • Stop The Madness

      What christian nation you all talking about ? Are you serious? Yet we kill,rape, rob,we commit adultery, fornication we commit Sodom and Gomorrah we tell lies on each other we do voodoo we steal boy take the wax off your eyes before you judge one for it's looking right back at you. Let God be their judge stop your BS.They are welcome here very well for they spend their money they do their business in their privacy not on our streets or in public where they can be seen I hate when you all under cover bull dykes carpet munchers harass people that don't even know if we exist. Let us all mine our own business for I sure we all have some shit going down in our lives live and let live.

      • Yes! We are all guilty of one or two, if not all of the (sins) listed, but the difference is we are not asking society to accept it. We are not asking the government to change their laws with regards to it.

    • And I pray for you sake you’re follow every single word the Bible says for if not you’re simply being a hypocrite and there’s nothing God hates more than a hypocrite. ‘Send your stones when you are without sin’

      • St. Paul also says in the New Testament... Slaves be Obedient to your masters. So are you reading from the same Bible and if so I assume you think slavery is a natural condition that should still be around as it's in the Bible too? Live and let live...enough said...

  35. We cannot hate others because of their sexual preference not nice. Let us learn to love one another,live with each other in perfect harmony. Let Jehovah God be our judge,yes we know it is wrong because the bible say so but we cannot go hating, killing, fighting with each other because the bible also say vengeance is mine I will repay more love.

    • We do not hate them we just don't want them in our country. Besides it's illegal to be a a queer so surely the laws need to be change prior to bringing them in truckloads. I hope you they understand the general sentiments so they should not complain if and when they are treated with derision. Fire 🔥 pon them.

      • You are so very ignorant and illiterate! Why aren’t you and others up in arms about the other “sins” that are committed (fornication, adultery, theft, etc.)? Most of the self-righteous people are sinners and hypocrites. God admonishes us to not judge others and to love ALL of His children. We need to live and let live.

        • So would you support or fight for the legalization of fornication, theft, adultery or even murder?! Do you now see why this argument of "all sin is sin" is utter rubbish.


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