First-ever Homegrown Network to be launched this evening

First-ever Homegrown Network to be launched this evening

Bowtie Life Entertainment is honoured to present the first ever Homegrown Network at the Secret Lounge on Thursday, August 21, 2014 from 7:00pm.

The first of its kind, Homegrown Network presents a unique opportunity for artists, DJs, producers, poets, songwriters, as well as providers of marketing and entertainment services to meet in a soothing melodic environment to mingle and network. Through this venture, music and arts professionals will be able meet in one central location, exchange contact details, and engage in dialogue with the view to fostering lasting business partnerships.

The event will culminate with an “open mic” segment, which will allow artists/entertainers to showcase their talents and skills.

Homegrown Network is proudly supported by Kairi FM, ECCO, Dazzle Magazine and Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd (WLBL) via Desperados.

Germaine Serieux, Innovations Manager at WLBL, says over the years WLBL has prided itself in lending support to the music and arts industry in St Lucia. By his account, since the aim of Homegrown Network is to help music and arts practitioners build successful business relationships, it an ideal catalyst to spark growth in St Lucia’s music and arts industry. As such, he Serieux says, WLBL via Desperados was pleased to sponsor the event.

Bowtie Life Entertainment is a new full-service entertainment company in St. Lucia, headed by Nigel “Selector Dee” Dudley. Selector Dee brings close to 20 years experience working in the entertainment and arts industry around the region. Along his entertainment journey, Selector Dee has had the prestigious honour of Dj-ing regionally and internationally.

Most recently Selector Dee held a six-year stint as a radio announcer/on-air personality at The Wave 94.5 & 93.7fm—a role which allowed him to make a noteworthy contribution to the music industry in St Lucia on a national level, promoting local and regional talent, through two programs which he personally created, devised and introduced on The Wave during his tenure.

In 2008 his passion for local talent and strong belief that local artists needed an additional avenue to showcase their talent, led him to devise and create the Homegrown Music, radio segment. A project which over time, with persistence and dedication, grew from a week-day hour-long slot, to include the Homegrown music weekly competition, the annual end of year Homegrown count-down show, and two live showcases at Pointe Seraphine dubbed Homegrown Stars

The Homegrown series now grows to include Homegrown Network!


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  1. Selector DEE has been around for a while. And his contribution to the entertainment Business has been priceless.I must also add that he is bringing a wealth of experience to the table both on a regional and international level.I do think that our local DJs if ever they want to now start thinking of performing on a different level (international style) should start thinking outside the box and look at entertainment from a much different perspective. The world is your domain.


  2. Selector D my son is very much into the dj vibe but he just has not been able to get a stint somewhere to get his talent tested. He does river limes, house parties - the small stuff. Can you help set him up. I would be happy to link him up with you if you agree to assist. Thanks!


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