First Citizens Women’s Seminar centres on balancing passion, purpose and success!

First Citizens Women’s Seminar centres on balancing passion, purpose and success!
Dr. Tanya Destang-Beaubrun speaks to women about their health as the head-table looks on.
Dr. Tanya Destang-Beaubrun speaks to women about their health as the head-table looks on.

PRESS RELEASE – How do you find your passion, own your success and live a more fulfilling life?

Women who attended the fifth annual First Citizens Women’s Seminar discovered that and much more on Saturday, July 5 at the Bay Gardens Hotel conference room.

Held under the theme “Own Your Success . . . Live Your Passion” the full day seminar, filled with riveting true revelations and life lessons, began with a yoga session with The Art of Living Foundation’s Marise Skeete who showed participants breathing and meditation techniques.

The featured speaker for the day was First Citizens Deputy Chief Executive Officer Sharon Christopher who spoke about “Finding Your Passion and Discovering Your Purpose”.

Christopher candidly told the participants about her own life experiences and gave six life lessons women could put into practice in order to achieve their dreams, among them was to “not allow fear to stop us from pursuing our passions”. Her simple formula was “Passion + Purpose = Hard Work” and she encouraged women to find passion in everything they do.

Senator Debra Tobierre, the managing director of True Value, shared her story of entrepreneurship and her future plans to continue to go where others have feared to venture. She shared her passion for her work and her commitment to the purpose she serves in Saint Lucia, whether it be with her senatorial duties or her contribution to the local business sector.

Participants also received guidance on “how to balance your passions with your pay-cheque” fromFirst Citizens Investment Services Regional Manager Carole Eleuthere-Jn Marie who began by stating, “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. It is important to have perspective as well as passion.”

“How do you choose between your passion and what’s practical?” Jn Marie advised that, “Sometimes you have to do both. Sometimes you have to do what’s practical so you can do what you love.”

The presenter then asked participants to analyse whether their passion could sustain their standard of living and gave key personal financial ratios to keep close tabs on, among them savings-to-income and debt-to-income ratios. Finally she advised the day’s group to “be different” and “do something that is not being done by too many” when pursuing their passion.

Following lunch, the afternoon session was just as enlightening as Family Practitioner and Lactation Consultant, Dr. Tanya Destang-Beaubrun, dealt with major health issues affecting women such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, metabolic syndrome and stress.

Having addressed the physical health aspects, Counselor Rumelia Dalphinis-King’s took the ladies through the mental well-being of women in an eye-opening presentation under the sub-theme “Own It: Break Free from the Chains of Self-Sabotage”. The former director of Saint Lucia’s Family Court pointed out ways women self-sabotage and gave useful tips on how to recognise and address self-sabotage behaviours.

The final speaker of the day was Tenderoni Manager Suzanna Gurley who spoke about embracing your passions and used several examples of key figures in history who had turned their passion into success stories.

It was a day of self-introspection and sisterhood and there was laughter, tears and hard truths for the participants who acquired a wealth of knowledge and had several questions for the presenters throughout the day and in the “woman to woman” segment.

The excitement of the day was further fuelled by lots of prizes from partners of the event which included main sponsor Neutrogena, The Wave and other sponsors, Barbay Ltd, Sea Island Home & Garden, Consolidated Foods, Azuk Creative Services, Baileys, Paradise Water and Bay Gardens Hotel. The event also received support from the Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean an initiative of infoDev, a department of the World Bank.

This year marked the fifth anniversary of hosting the Women’s Seminar and First Citizens Investment Services thanks all those who have contributed to its success.

The audience starts the day with some Yoga breathing exercises.



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