Firm ranks St. Lucian passport one of the most powerful in the world

Firm ranks St. Lucian passport one of the most powerful in the world

passport_3-700x391Henley & Partners, a world renowned residence and citizenship advisory firm, has released its 2017 ranking of countries according to the power of their passports as well as their CIP program.

The firm ranked the St. Lucian passport 36th in the world according to the amount of countries that a passport holder has access to without requiring a visa.

This ranking puts St. Lucia above fellow Caribbean country Grenada which is ranked 37th and is just below St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda who are both ranked 30th.

Henley & Partner in 2016 issued scathing criticisms of St. Lucia’s CIP program.

The SLP, which was the party in power during its implementation, responded to the criticisms stating that they were politically motivated.

Henley & Partner at the time had ranked St. Lucia’s CIP at the second to last position with only Dominica’s program being ranked lower.



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  1. please a simple you tube link can show which countries have the most sway with their national passports


  2. Hahaha !! these guys looking for anything that will justify their stupidity in selling the passport.


  3. 36th in the world is not most powerful. Top 10 maybe.
    Stop selling our passports to foreign criminals for a quick buck.


  4. Absolute cow dung!

    Henley & Partners ranking is meaning less.

    Anyone of us can do exactly the same, do some research with regards countries which don't require a VISA from St Lucian passport holders and against other Caribbean countries and compile a ranking list.

    This is just to TRY add credibility to our CIP programme.

    The most powerful passports in the world are Diplomatic passports and passports of the Royal Family.

    Am sorry to say St Lucia's passport doesn't really carry any clout internationally maybe regionally but definitely not internationally.


  5. But they are the one who convinced Kenny on economic citizenship and now the Uwp. What do you expect. Our passport is only valuable for criminals and those who want to exploit our country on the pretense of investments.


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