Firearm retrieved from scene of double homicide, suspect released from custody: sources

Firearm retrieved from scene of double homicide, suspect released from custody: sources
Lousion (left) and Benjamin
Lousion (left) and Benjamin

(SNO) — A firearm was retrieved from the scene of Saturday’s double homicide in Desrameaux, according to multiple law enforce sources.

Rohan Greg Louison, 13, and Callis Benjamin, 19, both of Desrameaux, died from gunshot wounds in the incident that shocked residents of the relatively quiet and peaceful, hilly Gros Islet community hilly that is bounded by Monchy on the east and Babonneau on the west.

Sources told our newsroom that a .380 firearm that was recovered from the scene is suspected to have belonged to one of the shooters.

Rumours are also circulating on social media that one of the deceased, Benjamin, was allegedly armed during the shooting.

“After he got shot he left with his firearm and came back and fell on the scene,” one person wrote.

Another claimed that during a heated argument with another male, who was visibly armed, Benjamin allegedly went to retrieve his firearm, and on his return he was wounded during the ensuing shootout.

Others claimed that Benjamin, like Louison, was an innocent bystander.

The teens were reportedly attacked after leaving a barbershop.

However, our sources said besides the fact that a firearm was retrieved from the scene, Benjamin was no saint and was known to have been involved in numerous troubles.

At the time of posting this story, no one was in police custody in connection with the double homicide.

A male individual who was detained by the police shortly after the shooting, was released without charge.

“One of the [suspected] getaway vehicles ended up in an accident. The driver was arrested and released,” one of the sources said in relation to the individual who was released from custody.

Louison, who was preparing to enter form two at the Vide Bouteille Secondary School, was shot in the back of the head and Benjamin, in the back.

Both teens were transported to Victoria Hospital where Louison was pronounced dead and Benjamin admitted in critical condition before succumbing later.

The police is scheduled to host a press briefing on Monday, Sept. 3 at the Crime Management Conference Room starting at 10 a.m. in relation to the double homicide.

One of the victims of the double homicide at the scene of the shooting.



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  1. Commenting here don’t make a difference at the end of the day we all a statistic. Let’s actually do sum instead of talking bout doing sum.


    • cause the bastards benefiting more from the drug cases than the homicides.they have nothing personal to gain from the murder case for majority if not all of the times when there is a drug burst everything is not brought in and they always hold back to send it back on the streets or send it if there was 100 kilos of cocaine,maybe 40 kilos would be documented on paper but the remaining 60 kilos would just vanish in the thin trust me if you want these police officers to act swiftly,just pick up and phone and tell them you suspect a drug scene going will see how quick they finding transportation to come on the scene.


  2. Well till we know more let's keep praying for justice for these kids and talk to our son's to put the weapons down and stop kill each other. Jesus be with us all


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