Fire update: SLP hopes services will return ‘asap’ to Soufriere Hospital

Fire update: SLP hopes services will return ‘asap’ to Soufriere Hospital
Jn Baptiste hopes is concerned
Jn Baptiste and the Opposition are hoping that services will return soon to the hospital building.

(PRESS RELEASE) – News of an early morning fire at the Soufriere Hospital on Thursday November 9th 2017 is of grave concern to the Parliamentary Opposition.

Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort North and Opposition Spokesman for Health notes that “the Leader of the Opposition Hon Philip J. Pierre has expressed empathy with the patients who access the services of the hospital and with the nurses, doctors and ancillary staff.”

The Labour Party is aware that further damage to the facility was averted by the quick and professional response of the hospital staff, Fire Service personnel with the assistance of local residents.

“The men and women of the Fire Service, hospital staff and the Soufriere people who sprang into action must be congratulated.”

Services have been transferred to the Etangs Health Centre until further notice and the Opposition hopes that, “Mechanisms will be put in place by the Health ministry to return services to the Soufriere hospital as soon as possible so as to minimize the inconvenience to the patients, clients and staff of the facility.”


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  1. You foolsSLP,what hospital
    You guys did mothing,Dalson just sat on his ass doing nothing for Soufriere hospital and the people now you allvare worried
    Please wr are no more fools .take your concern some where else


  2. It appears that you all SLP guys are waiting for such accidents and incidents to happen, to ponce. Sad. Why, in five long year you all didn't put mechanism in place to return your own people to St Jude Hospital? Yes "YOUR OWN PEOPLE". You all need to stop fooling you all base.


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