Fire Service implements guidelines to deal with possible Ebola threat

Fire Service implements guidelines to deal with possible Ebola threat

GIS – The procedures ensure that a minimal number of contact persons and equipment will be involved in the response to a potential case in order to limit the spread of disease and protect the country’s health workers.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has implemented guidelines for responding to a potential threat of Ebola.

Deputy Fire Chief Lambert Charles, said that draft protocols have been developed to ensure the readiness of Saint Lucia’s emergency services.

The procedure deliberately minimizes the number of staff who would come into contact with a potential case.

“The concept is that we do not intend for every regular staff member to be in a position to respond to an Ebola case,” Charles said.

“We need to minimize the number of contact persons that are going to be involved in any response.

“The response begins from the time we receive the call. We discussed details, for example, the job of the person who receives the call, what information are they asking for from the caller, and what are the key signs that we are looking for. When we have achieved that, then we inform the EMS supervisors, the Deputy Chief, and trigger the response team.”

The Department has also assigned one particular ambulance to respond to Ebola-related cases.

“We have identified one ambulance which is currently stationed at the Gros-Islet station. That ambulance will be the one utilized,” he said.

Charles explained that the ambulance identified is not in regular service, and will be made available solely for an Ebola response.

“It means that this ambulance will not be immediately brought into service at all; it will be disinfected and kept out of service for a period of time. The medical team will determine how we do that.”

Charles added that fire service staff will also receive training regarding the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), once the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines are provided.


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  1. I am quiet concern about the daily damage that felix is doing to the fire department and the country at large.....the time has come for the prime minister to look at this man as a threat to national security and a menace to society.....this is not a joke and we don't deal with issues until they reach crisis point.....felix is an.. that needs to be rooted out of the premier emergency response agency.


  2. Protocols are being established and training is being given to firemen. So why is the association president causing the firemen to be defiant by asking them not to attend the training. I have never heard such rubbish before. If no training was being given he would have been saying some other rubbish. You can only be trained to deal with suspect cases. It is only after the person gets to the hospital will the doctor diagnose.

    Wouldn't going into a burning building be also classified as "voluntary suicide" Suppose he or a family member of his are displaying Ebola like symptoms, I guess when the call comes the firemen will have to respond, sorry we are not committing voluntary suicide.


    • Stop talking rubbish. The association president is the one who call out for training for the firemen before they respond to any Ebola threat. So you must learn to listen and understand when you hear the news. Or maybe Felix will have to speak in PATOIS/Kweyol so some of you can understand.


      • But he clearly asked the firemen who volunteered to withdraw their services when the training was being offered to them and systems are being put in place. Why make such a statement. If he is unhappy with the process there is a means of addressing it. Not pushing his ugly face in the media every time. The fire service don't need people like him because he is always there to criticize and bring out the negative. Shame on Shane.


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