Fire Service Association to meet with Home Affairs Minister today

Fire Service Association to meet with Home Affairs Minister today
Shane Felix
Shane Felix.

Senior members of the St. Lucia Fire Service Association (SLFSA) will be meeting with Home Affairs Minister Victor Lacorbiniere this afternoon, to continue the dialogue, which started two weeks ago.

Former SLFSA Chairman Shane Felix told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the meeting was called by the minister and will most likely look at resolving some of the issues the association is still faced with.

Felix said that while there is no agenda, he hope to bring up all the matters that need urgent attention. One of them is having a meeting with its members and being able to hold elections.

The ministry had promised to assist in fast tracking this, so that the SLFSA can commence nominations and elect a new executive for the association at a date still to be agreed upon.

The senior fireman said that he attempted to meet with members yesterday, but that was unsuccessful. “We are still locked out of our office…so we have no place to work,” he told SNO.

Besides holding the long overdue election, the SLFSA is still to make representation for its members for better working conditions, through discussions with the Government Negotiating Team (GNT).

Felix said he hope to raise this issue as well, so that the firefighters can have adequate representation through all the ongoing negotiations. Members have also raised concerns over this issue.

During the last meeting, the ministry also agreed to submit the proposal of a promotion policy. The Fire Service has not seen any promotions since 2009.

The SLFSA ended an almost two-week strike action against the government on September 11 after discussions with Deputy Prime Minister Philip J Pierre and other government officials.


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  1. If elections is power then why don't we have one now? We definitely have to invest in education in the country.


  2. Thats is what Felix has been fight for ..POWER...The higher the monkey climb the more his behind will be exposed...


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