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Fire ravages La Resource Wellness Centre

By SNO Staff

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A fire of unknown origin ripped through the La Resource Wellness Centre early Monday morning, causing extensive damages to the interior of the building.

Fire official said the blaze started at about 3a.m. Monday. The firefighters were quick to respond and managed to save the building from being completely destroyed.

Arrangements are being made to relocate the services that were provided by the institution and redeploy staff.

Residents of the communities are now seeking health services at the Richfond Health Centre.

An investigation has been launched.

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  1. How suspicious could a fire in an uninhabited building be, at three in the morning?

    • Are you serious?

      Electrical perhaps?

    • you tell us, how suspicious is it? the building being uninhabited as you claim doesn't mean that there aren't potential ignition sources present. the building had electricity right? you had items plugged into outlets right? stop with the jumping to premature conclusions instead have your government investigate fire causes for the purposes of life safety issues.


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