Fire officers’ have mixed reaction to decision taken against Fontenelle

Fire officers’ have mixed reaction to decision taken against Fontenelle

Chairman of the St. Lucia Fire Service Association (SLFSA) Shane Felix has said he is pleased that a decision has been finally taken against former Fire Chief Leslie Fontenelle.

Felix told. St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that most members are generally pleased, but there are a few who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the recommendation made by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Asked if he is pleased with the decision to have Fontenelle placed on early retirement, the SLFSA head said there are some issues within that decision, but he would refrain from commenting.

Nevertheless, Felix said he is optimistic that the fire service will be in a better position to move on and ensure that professionalism and decency is restored to the organisation.

However, Felix said there are a number of persons who were affected by the former fire chief’s action and there seems to be no focus on that. He believes that these persons should be given some sort of relief.

Questioned as to whether there are still loopholes in the system that would allow for a repeat of the same actions taken by Fontenelle, Felix said, “I hope not.”

“We are having meetings with the government and I hope this sets the tone for attitudes to change in the department. There really is a need for raising moral and keeping employees motivated too,” he added.

He reminded that the Fire Service Act needs urgent review and explained that that is one of the things currently being discussed between the association and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“I really hope that this process doesn’t take too long,” Felix said, while noting that the promotions are long overdue and the proposed Sexual Harassment Policy must also take effect soon.

Fontenelle was sent on early retirement, but remains aircraft rescue and fire fighting adviser for Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA), a position that was created by government for the former fire chief.

A 2014 inquiry commissioned into the conduct of Fontenelle and other senior fire officers, confirmed allegations of intimidation, abuse of authority and mismanagement.


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  1. God is in control. He says he will make our enemies our foot stool.the fighting is over. the great talker ... Shane Felix is left licking his wounds and trying to remove a huge beam in his own eyes. God has worked things out for Mr. Fontenelle so that he is out of the stress hole that would have taken his life. Fontenelle can now turn his attention to his new position and to his young family. God will never abandon his son. we continue to pray for and with Mr. Leslie Fontenelle.


  2. Anonymous and Shame Flex, both of you are cowards hiding behind incognitos. When you are ready to speak publicly your thoughts will be considered. In the mean time we await the Prime Minister's announcement to bring in British Fire Brigade experts to review the department and to make recommendations for its modernisation.


  3. I got it from very reliable sources that long before Fontenelle was Chief that some of you said that you'll will do whatever it takes to get Fontenelle out of the fire service. And you fought with false means to do so.

    But a wise man lays down knowledge but a fool s peaketh destruction. Mr Fontenelle is well qualified with his degrees and very marketable. What degree does Shane have. I guess he will know his degree when the PSC is finished with him.


  4. shame felix and anonymous, u all fill of shit. if u guys can suport the shit fontenelle was doing, i would say that u all support corruption to the t. it was not hearsay, but documented proof n evidence that was fontys downfall.u dont play with pples lively hood.u two arses were either or are still firemen n was fontys stooges, or basically has no idea wats going on. so shut that gaping holes u all call mouths or ur minds are whopped n clouded by corruption. shane did a dam good job n never gave up. it was all about equality for all, not favoritism or arse kissing.


  5. Mr. Fontenelle's retirement by the public service commission is in his best interest. At the end of it all, one of the reasons we work is for a salary. We then look forward to receiving a pension then going home to die. So who will be upset with a decision by a government to retire him or her early and pay you for years that you would have worked, thus allowing you to leave the hell hole called the public service at an early age? Vey few!!
    Fontenelle now has an opportunity to move on and with youth on his side.

    Shame will be the downfall of this fire service. He is quite aware that the fire chief has little of no authority when it comes to discipline. This is the reason he is still a fireman today. But time is the greatest teacher and in time, sooner than later, the public will come to know the true shame. To those Senior fire officers who have used this indisciplined character to achieve their own selfish end I say good luck. For like a rabid dog he will turn again on his masters.

    The problem at the fire service is larger than any one man. It's one of infighting, undermining and indiscipline. Shame is only the puppet while the puppet master sits quietly at the top. Karma has written and so it will be. Shame on you flex.


  6. Shane is just too ashamed to say anything now. Because he realized that things worked out in the Chiefs favor. What issues within that decision you don't want to comment on. Is it because you know that some of the accusations and statements were false and were rehearsed.

    Any way Fontenelle has things better now. He can say thank you for that new opportunity you allowed to be created for him. God can truly turn your adversaries to your advantage. And there are always blessings in the blisters.


    • and you think fonty will feel comfortable with all that doo doo hanging over his head, if was me I would run as far and as fast as I could..


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