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UPDATED: Appeal for help for homeless Wilton’s Yard residents following major fire (+videos)

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Several houses were damaged or destroyed as a result of a fire that occurred in Wilton’s Yard, Castries on Thursday evening.

Reports of the fire razing at least three houses began to surface about 11 p.m. last evening.

There were no reports of injuries or death.

Firefighters have been credited for responding quickly but they met residents feverishly trying to out the blaze themselves.

In a civilian video interview making its rounds on social media, a resident identified by the interviewer as “Peter Reynolds,” said three houses were completely destroyed and a “couple other dwellings got some damage”.

When asked by the interviewer — who is also a resident — if the fire service’s response was quick, Reynolds said: “Of course… but at the end of the day it was wooden structures so there is little they could have done so you can’t blame the fire service.”

Towards the end of the video, as persons are seen removing damaged or destroyed items, the interviewer notes that its the Easter holidays and appeals for help for the affected residents who are in need of clothing, food, and other materials. SEE THE VIDEOS AT THE END OF THE STORY

The cause of the fire is unknown but investigations are underway, according to sources.

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  1. This is how they celebrate Good Friday in Wilton Grove. Very strong.

  2. Even before our population explosion of making more infant children than the economy can support effectively, where more than half the population wasold under 15 years old, our housing conditions and standards were deplorable. So too, were the connecting road networks.

    Wooden structures built so closely together are both fire hazards and insane housing policy. Even in resettlement areas, there is still a lot to be desired, for health and safety reasons in the broadest sense. Something like this, deliberate or accidental is bound to happen somewhere and again. What can government housing standards policy do to help?

    If one is in place, then we must become a more organized people and follow the required standards. Ignore this and face the heartbreaking consequences. Life must be much more than organizing and living for the next fete.


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