Fire destroys houses in Case-en-Bas

Fire destroys houses in Case-en-Bas

Two houses were destroyed by fire in Case-en-Bas, Gros Islet this afternoon, Nov. 25, according to officials.

There were no reports of injuries.

Emergency officials received the call a few minutes before 4 p.m. and two units from Gros Islet and one from Castries were dispatched.

However, on arrival, fire officials said the houses were already engulfed in flames.

Officials said both houses were wooden structures on concrete pillars and were located close to each other.

The fire is under investigation.


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  1. Strange for someone to say there is no fire truck in Gros Islet. While two were dispatched from that town. People need to be more responsible with their informantion


  2. this is really sad especially since i saw the firetruck heading towards the north from castries. this is too far a distance to save either house,plus there is a firestation in the north with no firetruck? These are the things we need to revamp. Also glad there was no loss of life, its hard now getting back on your feet but hopefully with the necessary support you guys will make it. God is good...


    • If you dont know anything about firefighting keep your trap shut. you ppl like to speak because u can physically speak. try speaking when u have something significant to say. do that and u will find ppl will respect u much more. seek clarification before u post nonsense. thank you.


  3. Sharon, you've resurfaced I see!!! Word to the wise: "Better to have someone think you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."


  4. Sharon at times there is nothing on in the house to catch fire. There are just some evil people that do wickedness to others. Especially if they don't like you or there is illegal building on land. I know one if the house owners. She did have a lot of enemies around.


  5. Typical St.Lucia style. ...Caribbean people always have either a fire starter or they outside minding people business,or they drunk am happy no one died in the process of Negligence,you'll need to check you'll stoves,before you'll check out the house.Stupidness and burn down somebody house too.And St.Lucia don't build you'll houses close to other people,because their have some Reckless neighbors,they will cost youlla house.


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