Fire at Soufriere Hospital

Fire at Soufriere Hospital

The Soufriere Hospital sustained some damage as a result of a fire early Thursday morning, according to reports.

The fire reportedly started around 3 a.m. but firefighters got the fire under control within an hour.

According to sources, the suspected cause of the blaze was an electrical fire in the patients record room/store room.

Services at the hospital have been suspended until further notice.

However, members of the public are being told that hospital services are being carried out at the Etangs Wellness Centre in Soufriere.


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  1. Bravo to the Soufriere Fire Service who received high praise on this occasion.
    Did some pyromaniac start the Soufriere Hospital fire on 9-11 (November 9) to create some tragic history? Is it a strange coincidence that the St. Jude’s Hospital Fire occurred on September 9, 2009 (9-9-09) or 9-9-9 if you prefer? Could it be that there is a pyromaniac at work in the medical sector who targets hospitals on certain days? Investigate, investigate, investigate and follow all clues please.


  2. lets just cut all the bull and get serious. First of all, I think that in planning and designing of any
    hospital, is a specialized job, and it's time the government of St.Lucia (which ever it is, slp or uwp)
    come to realize that we can no longer play Russian Roulette with (1) the lives (2) the revenue of
    the citizens, by HOPE. If it was by TRUST, it is evident that, that trust has not worked. Now let us
    not HOPE that any other will work.
    Now I ask, where is the integrity? am I asking for too much? what about the Professionalism?
    These people who set themselves up as Professionals i.e. Architects, Engineers or Consultants,
    where have they gained their experiences. Excuse me but I must ask because I would hate to see
    another such Project, either go up in flames 'or' designed so badly that it fails in it's function for the
    very purpose for which it was built for. (shall we drain the Swamp?) Let's get real for a change.


    • more likey rebuilt in 2030... after about 3 elections and about a trillion in cost overruns


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