Fire at Micoud Secondary School

Fire at Micoud Secondary School
Photos for SNO by Taluah Girard, Marketing Officer, CFL

A fire suspected to be of electric origin occurred at the Micoud Secondary School around midday today, Saturday, Oct. 11.

Marketing Officer for  Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL), Taluah Girard, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the fire occurred while CFL volunteers were working on the winning project for Zone C (Micoud to Dennery) – the restoration of the changing facilities at Aduka Park – in the Unity in Community Project at the Micoud Playing Field.

“We were alerted to the fire when three young boys kicked in a classroom door and started shouting, “Fire! Fire!” Girard said.

“The firemen …. were on the scene promptly and dealt with the fire which started in the LRC (Learning Resource Centre or computer room). The fire was of an electric nature. Children who were at lessons were quickly cleared out of the school while the firemen worked,” she added.

Girard said the three boys were the real heroes of the day.

“They alerted everyone to the fire and were instrumental in ensuring it was dealt with in a timely manner, thus averting disaster,” she said. “What really touched me about the whole situation was the sense of community spirit. Everyone dropped what they were doing and ran to see what was happening and how they could help. It was a truly a humbling experience. Glad to say that nobody was hurt.”

A CFL volunteer poses with three boys who were instrumental in averting a major disaster at the school.



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  1. too bad for my school and thanx to the people who helped put out the fire before it spred throuhg ot the school


  2. too bad formy school and thanx to the people who helped put out the fire before it spred throuhg ot the school


  3. Bravo to the three young Micoudians. I am not at all surprised. By nature Micoud people possessed a strong community spirit. Hope it will never end.


  4. Hope no one was hurt
    I went to Dennery Junior Secondary in the 70s and remember playing them in cricket


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