Final episode of Smile Patrol’s Season 1 to air on Friday

Final episode of Smile Patrol’s Season 1 to air on Friday
Smile Patrol behind the scenes episode 12.
Smile Patrol behind-the-scenes Episode 12.

Smile Patrol, the hottest new TV show to hit St. Lucia and the Caribbean, is about to air its final episode of Season 1 on Friday, January 11 at 8:30 pm.

The TV show, which premiered on DBS in July 2012 and Carib Vision in October 2012, has picked up a huge fan base and become very popular in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

The show can be viewed in 22 Caribbean islands and also the United States of America. The first season has attracted many sponsors including the islands of Jamaica and Barbados. Candidates of the show were rewarded and recognized for their good deeds and assistance to others in society regardless of their personal situations.

Candidates on the show enjoyed a day full of surprises, gifts, pampering and a chance to experience at least one of their wishes.

Episode 11, reunion part one featured candidates from episode one to five as they relived their experiences on the show. The grand finale will feature candidates from episode six to 10 and some exciting surprises which the show is known for.

There is already talk of Season 2 for the popular show which has brought happiness and tears to the eyes of its viewers.

Look out for the Grande Finale on DBS on Friday at 8:30 pm. You can watch past episodes on Carib Vision on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm with three repeats during the week or on the website at

Follow Smile patrol on TWITTER @ Smilepatroltvsh, Facebook @, or view their website @

For advertising or to nominate someone for the show, contact them @ [email protected]


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