Fight over woman at Vieux Fort ‘Passa Passa’ event leads to spilling of blood

Fight over woman at Vieux Fort ‘Passa Passa’ event leads to spilling of blood

A 20-year-old Vieux Fort man, who admitted to stabbing a man over a female, was sentenced to five years in prison.

According to records, the defendant, Ali Hamilton Jr., stabbed Shawn Blaze shortly after an altercation over a female at a “Passa Passa” event in Vieux Fort.

The court heard that after the altercation over the woman, Hamilton left the dance and waited at the exit for Blaze where he carried out the attack with a knife.

Blaze sustained several stab wounds to the abdomen and underwent surgery at St Jude’s Hospital. According to the court, Blaze has to undergo at least one other surgery to aid in his full recovery.

When indicted, Hamilton pleaded guilty to the charge of harm and avoided a trial.

A pre-sentence report indicated that Hamilton was a troubled youth who had squandered several attempts to be rehabilitated and become a law-abiding citizen.  The report also revealed that between August 2010 and August 2011, Hamilton acquired five separate convictions on a range of charges, which include stealing.

Justice Francis Cumberbatch stated that the aggravating factors, such as Hamilton’s propensity for violence, his convictions and the severity of injuries inflicted, far outweighed the mitigating factors which were his early guilty plea and age at the time of the incident.

Hamilton was handed a sentence of 10 years with a five-year discount due to his early guilty plea and age.  He was also ordered to attend drug abuse and addiction counselling and to avail himself of opportunities to improve his education.

He will also be credited with time served while on remand at Bordelais before he was bailed.


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  1. Karma I was hoping for more content to your post. I agree that he will be out soon, and hopefully will be rehabilitated by the release date. However, nothing in your post suggest remorse for this young mans cimminality, in fact all I gleaned was blanket support. I hope I am wrong. There will be NO end to crime when while we choose to support crimes as along as our friends and loved ones are the culprits.


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