Fight erupts at Boys Training Centre, staff urged to be extremely vigilant

Fight erupts at Boys Training Centre, staff urged to be extremely vigilant
One of the weapons found in the juveniles possession.
One of the weapons found in the juvenile’s possession.

Five juveniles were arrested on Friday after a fight broke out at the Boys Training Centre.

The incident started initially on Thursday evening and continued into Friday, at about 9 a.m.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that one of the boys sustained minor bruises and cuts as a result of the fight. He was taken to the Gros Islet Polyclinic for treatment and later released.

A reliable source told SNO that weapons such as cutlasses, knives, ice-picks and other sharp objects were used during the fight. Several items were also destroyed at the centre during the incident.

The boys were questioned by the police and allegedly released without any warning.

SNO was told that a memorandum was circulated to staff urging them to be “extremely vigilant for any confrontation” between the juveniles that were involved in the fight.

“Should there should be any indication that there will be further altercation, all officers on duty are asked to contact the manager and the Gros Islet Police Station for assistance,” the memorandum stated.

Staff were further advised to conduct three searches per day of the locker area, dorm, and bathroom, around the computer lab, court, tank and work-shop.

One of the holes used by the juveniles to escape.

Reports are that the juveniles have become uncontrollable and extremely violent even though the centre is equipped with wardens, social workers, security and other support staff.

The source explained that it has reached a point where staff members attached to the centre are afraid that they could one day become victims of the boys’ violent acts.

SNO also understands that bullying takes place every day at the centre where the big ones are engaged in beating on the younger ones.

The source alleged that the boys would also escape through the fence and engage in smoking illegal substances. Whenever they return, they would create havoc by picking fights with each other.

All of these concerns were raised with management, but the source said they continue to pay a blind eye to the situation. Staff there believes that if these issues are not fixed soon enough, it could get dangerous.

The source told SNO that the centre caters for over 20 juveniles, but only half of them are currently there. The other half have escaped and never returned, and are allegedly involved in criminal activities.

The centre is also said to be in a bad state. Some of the windows have been destroyed and have not been replaced. They are used as escapes for the juveniles. The bushes at the centre are also growing rapidly and are hardly trimmed while there are two large holes in the fence.

Meanwhile, the centre’s manager Leonard Terrance confirmed with SNO that a fight did occur on Friday. However, he denied reports that the juveniles had sharp objects in their possession.

“We have groups of children, who are with remedial problems in one environment, so fighting is not going to be something unusual… There were no cutlasses nor knives used in any fight,” he stated.

In relation to the holes in the fence, Terrance said that issue is now being addressed.


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  1. That tells parents that you need to discipline your kids better so they don't get to this place. Although some of our children no matter what you do for them, they show no appreciation for your care and love. Their actions and behavior tells you they are heading for this place. All Government owe these person at these facilities is their basic needs. They're not in a hotel. They don't need to be comfortable, cause they will do things to return there. Now a days when you try to discipline a child is "child abuse" if I cannot discipline the child I don't want them under my roof. Let the persons who call it child abuse care for them.


    • Children do not know who their parents (mostly their father) are.
      Men are irresponsible and father children all over the place unable to love, support and educate them.

      Society does not have to educate anybody's child. It is the duty of the parents.
      Society punishes and has no time to educate misfits.


  2. Management needs to go. If you haven't the balls to shake the people at the top to fix such an important institution then you are getting free money for doing nothing and your post should be made redundant; might as well let the place run itself.

    We need strong people running them places; the same applies for government ministers, no matter what party.




  4. The place is in a mess.they do not care about the boys.last week a juvenile from the centre was ”forgotten" in the school on two separate days.boys training centre- the boys graduate to bordelais soon after living.


  5. Is the Boys' Training Centre a nice piece of real estate with a view of Rodney Bay? When there is a problem with any institution, whether Victoria, Custody Suites or Bordelaise we get a nice photo of the building, not the view (and we know Bordelaise has a nice view). Are we so ashamed that we can't show the incinerator where a little boy was roasted alive? Or perhaps the authorities did not allow a photo of the Centre of Abuse lest you be reminded of what goes on there?

    Its a damn shame that you treat your kids with disdain and indifference in a civilized country (sorry uncivilized). What do you think will be the result of this? I guess they won't grow up to rob you they will only rob tourists and people like the former Speaker (who by the way by his past position and actions was not kind to them either, poor jab Vincent).

    The only people who get good treatment in this country are politicians and their hacks. Others are left to rot in dilapidated institutions. Then again a country of morons who allow politicians and their goons free medicals overseas at their expense and continue themselves to wade in electrically charged diseased waters at Victoria must be psychologically challenged as a result of abuse. Then again, suicide in this country is common place, why complain on their behalf. "If you ca deal with it then kill yourself."


  6. The Government auditors did an Audit of the place some time ago. Let us call for that report. It may be very revealing. I do not believe the manager. Just go by the Polly clinic and look at the state of the BTC fence with holes and a gate that cannot close.


    • Look all over St. Lucia: it's ugly, filthy.
      Why do you wonder about the fence when disrepair is the norm around the island?


  7. This reminds of Convention Rights of a Child, How old are these boys? Dr. King , Human Services ? What the hell is going on with these juveniles in St.Lucia


  8. Where is the Minister Harlod Dalsan and the P.S Ms. Alfred - thought she would change things and implement change, its a very very sad state of affairs . wow unbelievable


  9. It is sad that it have to come to this while the government sit pretty spending millions on Bridges, The Ministry of Social Transformation Should be made to answer to these statements, Why do lucians pay so much taxes why have these high paid Managers P.S and Ministry officials that does nothing but create havoc in the system, The entire Management along with the staff should be fired sent home and this place should be shut down. These juveniles are not animals and should be treated with respect and with a rehabilitative environment for their Miss harps , What kind of a society have we become. Never it its entire history have it been this Bad at the BTC Shame on government shame on the parents that have their kids housed there.... Its Embarrassing Where is Mary Francis , Dr. King and Dr. Bird sighhhhhhh Depressing Muchhhhh


  10. There are many businesses donating towards education and sports in schools in SLU except for after school programs and the BTC were some of our less fortunate,school drop outs an so call stray bad boys end up with adults who are not dedicated to giving these boys the proper attention an needs to guide them towards being respectable productive adults so a life of crime is usually lurking in the minds of these boys if there's nothing or no body at BTC to motivate them.


  11. Is this place functioning as a training center or a detention center?How much training is going on? If the days training activities are properly structured how can those boys wander away without notice? Only 10 boys this begs the quality of supervision.I suggest on a daily basis assign each staff a number of boys
    to supervise at all times>The number is small.It appears the boys are in charge if staff members are scared of them.There are people out there who can handle them without fail.


  12. The whole place is in a mess, they need proper management, no one seems to care, everything is beening destroy, the staff hands are tired they cant to anything, they make conplains but no one listening, these are lil criminals, they need qualified persons on the job, the boys used fowl language everyday to the workers, the manager does nothing about that, it is a very sad state of affair, things are getting worst, the boys leave everyday to smoke, no one can stop them, but they paint a picture on tv that everything is ok, things are really getting bad.


  13. wow this is so unbelievable this place is going down hill heard so many things been happening there n placed under the mat now its all out hmmm


  14. That center is a complete mess the staff engage in other activities while on duty so the wards are left to do whatever they want there are boys roaming the community buying weed and drinking going back to the ceter under the influence so how do they expect the boys to follow example.


  15. I think it is time that we stop polishing the realities of a flawed system that governs our operations. This only serves to put off attempts (if any are even considered) at addressing the issues that the social service sector is challenged with. This incident calls for a careful analysis of the agency and its operations, as well as the objectives it has been established to seek to achieve. If we allow this to get to a point where more harm than good is being done, we may not be able to undo the implications of our 'neglect'. These boys are in need and are calling for these needs to be attended to (perhaps differently to the manner in which officials believe).
    To this end, this is not a problem solely of The Boys' Training Center; this is a problem of our society.I look forward to seeing a fully co-operative effort in tackling it.


  16. Thats a MIA Manager...He uses lots of words to say and do nothing....Managers most manage or move out''''


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