Fifteen karate students graduated successfully at Millet

Fifteen karate students graduated successfully at Millet

The Millet Karate School held its first Graduating Ceremony for the year on Sunday May 12, 2013, at the Millet Multi- purpose Centre with fifteen students successfully passing the exams.

The following results are as follows:

Afra Augustin Brown belt – Black belt,  Wrenn Louis Brown belt – Black belt , Ed Edwin Purple belt – Brown belt, Tuan Philogence Orange belt – Blue belt,

Yanni George Yellow belt – Green belt,  Kemuel Pelade Yellow belt – Orange belt,  Jade Justin White belt – Orange belt,  Cornelius Forde White belt – Orange belt, Leana George White belt – Orange belt, Shervin Lubin White belt – Orange belt, Noelle Leo White belt – Yellow belt,

Annicia Felix White belt – Yellow belt, Nigel Edwin White belt – Yellow belt, Aaliah Henry White belt – Yellow belt, Daniel Donovan White belt – Yellow belt.

The Chief examiner was Grand Master Errol Weeks; he was pleased with the overall performance of the graduants especially the of the Novice division who participated in the grading exercise. The Grand Master also pointed out that the graduation had improved from last that he had officiated; mainly due to the performance of the participants.

School instructor Sensi Joseph Henry, was pleased with his students and commented, “I am very pleased with the students’ performance and determination in achieving their goals. The standard of skills and discipline displayed by the students at the grading exercise was very high.”

The Millet Karate School is one of the striving dojos on the island of St. Lucia and has been in operation for over 20 years training and disciplining the members of Millet and its surrounding communities; The dojo also participated recently in a Karate Tournament in Barbados and was successful in it performance and continues to strive towards future excellence.

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