Field officers from Environment Health now have police escorts

Field officers from Environment Health now have police escorts

The Department of Environment Health has scored a major legal victory.

The Department, which went the route of legal recourse following the attack of one of its field officers last December, says it is satisfied that its officers will not face such situations in the future.

The matter involved the assault of an inspection officer who tried to perform his duties at a meat stall in Marc. The attacker, Joseph Nicholas, agreed to the case being turned over to mediation.

Accepting liability, Nicholas agreed to issuing an apology to the officer in court, compensation to the officer in the amount of $1,000 and a three-year bond to keep the peace.

Chief Environmental Officer, Wen Gabriel, says the outcome sends a clear message that the department’s officers ought not to be threatened or impeded when performing their duties. The department is also collaborating with butchers for a safer working environment.

Other departments, like the Veterinary Unit, have banded with the Environment Health Department in pressing for police escorts when going into the field.


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