Fevrier says minister’s behaviour is his “prerogative”

Fevrier says minister’s behaviour is his “prerogative”

HTS News Reporter and President of the Media Association of St. Lucia, Miguel Fevrier, has spoken out about his recent showdown with Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting Dominic Fedee.

Speaking to DaMajority online publication earlier this week, Fevrier said: “The minister is free to rant as he pleases on matters relating to the media, after all he is in charge of the department responsible.

“If his brief stint in the private media qualifies him to pontificate on how reporters and journalists perform on the job, that again is his prerogative. The behaviour displayed on Monday is consistent with his behaviour towards members of the media in the past.

“In another incident, another journalist resorted to politely correcting him when his response to a question bordered disrespect. Like Mr. chastanet whom in his presence readily and respectfully answered questions concerning a Cabinet conclusion pertaining to DSH concessions, and corrected where he believed I was wrong, the minister could’ve taken the same route.

“It’s unfortunate that he chose to respond in that manner, but like I said, that’s his prerogative. However, I am happy that he was at least able to clarify the initial question, albeit 27 hours later.”

CLICK HERE for report on the showdown between the minister and the journalist

CLICK HERE to view minister’s follow-up press conference on the matter



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  1. Miguel is revealling fake news. Operating as the U.S. tabloids, Weekly World News, National Enquirer just to name a few. This man has lost his integrity as a jounalist, in attempting to persist with the minister on a matter he knows full well is untrue. Miguel Fevriere is not seeking to present to st.lucians factual information, rather he his operating mischievous.


  2. I believe that in a case like this the Minister had to condone himself in a more diplomatic manner. Am a bit worried that if he cannot handle a question posed to him my a local journalist how will he handle questions by someone outside of Saint Lucia.


  3. Cheese! I only read about half the comments of which only one was coherent. Why do the illiterati feel impelled to write on this site?
    If you must comment think about your point of argument first - don't shoot from the hip! Use the spell checker and read your comment before hitting the go button.


  4. HTS seems to have a bunch of delinquents employing man. who accused of taking nookie without permission, who accused of taking money without permission, who ever else seeking justice. What is going on up there. And they simply push the ones with the darkest closets behind a desk so we dont see them...but that agenda is strong HTS, and blatant.


  5. Trying to lecture the journalist Mr Fedee, no matter how big and experienced a journalist you can claim to be, is not your role not in the forum you chose at any rate. It shows a visible culture to ridicule, insult, victimize and punish those whose questioning is tough and vigorous. If anyone tells me this is good for democracy then i'll be damned. If for any reason he felt he should answer the question or that the question was not appropriate he should have just ignored it and take another question and move on. Rather he preferred to rant and lecture and behave like a delinquent only to return to eat his vomit the following day. What a shame? How undignified?


  6. if the media house he working with had any shame he would never be on TV. have him in the background. he wasn't destroyed just fired from his last job. Why Miguel?


  7. when someone is in position as we all suppose to know, he has to maintain his kool no matter what question is placed at him. This my people shows a level of weekness and how easy it can be to control him if a question is placed that he doesnt like. Can he really expect all questions to be in his favour. hmmmmm

    He that angers you... controls you... keep controlling him Miguel.


  8. The issue with Miguel and Bank of St Lucia is food for thought. Many times people have questionable character and hold certain positions. Miguel you need to step down as President of Media Association until your court matter is resolved. Step down. Shameless people


  9. Miguel Fevrier unfortunately had his ego and hacking in the wrong place. Investigative journalism was not done, working on hearsay is your downfall. Stop following Americanism style journalism as it shows your party side and makes you non neutral. Shame on you.
    The Minister answered you move on to the next question.


    • idiot. journalism is asking these kind of tough question no matter who is in power. its about time tough question are asked on both sides. Investigative journalism my ass. Even when the document is presented ( like the DSH document) it is only a true document when convenient. Let the tough question be asked all around and let all politicians give answers to the public. The media is responsible to ask questions that the public wants answers to. You may not want answers to this question based on your political affiliation but a part of the public definitely want answers. Ministers SERVE. They are public servants. They serve the people, all the people. Since when you cannot ask someone who serves you a question and get an answer?


  10. Are those persons really journalists? All they give is headline news with no content and follow up. Also, in their reporting there is no evidence of research. Furthermore, students and the general public can not learn proper english from those questionable journalists. Should those persons be called journalists?


  11. Are those persons really journalists? All they give is headline news with no content and follow up. Also, in their reporting there is no evidence of research. Furthermore, students and the general public can not learn proper english from those questionable journalists.


  12. As far as I am concerned St.Lucia has no journalists. What you'll try to pass off as journalists or journalism in St.Lucia is a joke as far as I am concerned. BIG, MASSIVE TREMENDOUS improvements required.


    • What we try to pass as Ministers of Government are also jokes. What is Ubaldus still doing in office? It's because Chastanet is a big joke.


    • Our Journalists provide better content than the crap that airs on Fox News or the obvious propaganda that airs on your "big name" stations like BBC. I know your type. If it's "white" and from a "Big Country" it's better than ours right? Ignorant.


    • There is no bank called bank of 51st Lucia....u go do ur research..and what does personal life have to do with a question that was posted to the MINISTER? Shame on you...we always so negative...I guess we see wat we know personally


    • Is life is his life. I'm interested in knowing that our government has our country in our best interest.


  13. Miguel motor mouth, attention seeker, please shut the hell up. You about giving two Tylenol or Advil a freaking headache. Idiots surrounded by idiots are very dangerous think with your big head not the little one thanks.


  14. Why should we condone journalist to deliberately question our Ministers on information they know is untrue? Those so called journalist with their political agenda is showing off our country as one of asses.


  15. Miguel it was truly a nonsense question because publicly available information verified that it is 4 vehicles not 87 or 97 and nothing out of the ordinary. It would take you 1 minute to find out the right information rather than try to create more propaganda for de party.


  16. Miguel Fevrier has a great future in politics if he chooses to take that route to matarial wealth. A high interpersonal intelligence and mini local celebrity status.That would be all it takes to win a seat. Can't say about his personal effects though which is the most important thing as far as being a good public servant is concerned.


  17. Richard Fredrick volley, Miguel Frevier, Spike, Rihani Isidore, wing attack, SLP, Substitute.
    Miguel knew exactly what he came to day that very morning. He knew that the cabinet conclusion in question said 4 vehicles but chose to use the Richard Fredrick propaganda of 108 vehicles while Rihani Isidore stays behind the desk to write and the Labour party take care of the spoils. With Miss Prat and the three ladies seeking Justice, HTS should be ashamed of themselves. Nuff said. I will be using the same medium as the british victims to let the world know that HTS habour certain elements


    • Another spinner. The journalist has an obligation to ask the question albeit too many are soft in the belly. Dominic Fedee had a responsibility to answer the quest more so when there are allegations of conflict of interest. Miguel should have asked him to confirm the authenticity of the document. It is ironic he thought the question was not credible yet the next day he is eating humble pie, tying to explain away what he should have done in the first place.

      I found it extremely laughable that Fedee attempted to lecture on journalism. Mr. Fedee could you inform of the awards that have been bestowed on you in the said field. Some how I highly doubt that you are Miguel's standard for journalism. Mr. Fedee, just a little advice , please work on your oratory skills. For someone who has had years of experience as a "journalist" you are far from eloquent.

      Oh, a please allow me one more parting shot-it appears that you have LOST your way.

      Miguel, I do think that you came unprepared. Your opening question was poor. Your second should have been your first and you should have cited the " leaked" document. Had you done that you would have totally cornered him....like the *** he is.


  18. Miguel go away please. We all can see or should I say I can see what you and your click are trying. Anything that is destined cannot be destroyec before it is fulfilled. You and your click will be destroyed before this government. Stop it already. Do some constructive journalism. You and the others are agents for the labour.


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