Fever, body aches: Trinidad national in Canada awaits test results

Fever, body aches: Trinidad national in Canada awaits test results

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – Three days after she left this country on March 8, a Trindadian national residing in Canada developed COVID-19-like symptoms and has been tested and is awaiting the results.

The 54-year-old woman said she came to Trinidad on February 29 and when she returned home, she came down with fever, headache and body pains for four days.

“I returned to Toronto on March 8. On Wednesday, March 11, right after work, I started having headaches, fever and chills.

“On Thursday, after getting body aches too, I went to the hospital at Joseph Brant in Burlington to be tested for this virus.

“I had no cough or breathing issues. I had four days of intermittent fever and cold sweating and body aches.

“I was scared and got myself tested but it’s been seven days now and I’m still waiting on the results. There’s an overload of the health system here.

“If I wasn’t sticking to my quarantine and had the virus, how many people would have been exposed?”

A bank worker who lives in Toronto, she said she is self-quarantined at home and has begun to feel better but is still anxious to know the results of the test.

“I don’t even know if at this point I’m positive. At the moment I’m having a major hot flash. I don’t know what it is.”

She said during her stay in Trinidad she visited Gran Couva, St Mary’s in Freeport, St James, Macqueripe, Maracas, Debe, the Sulphur springs in Penal, Gulf City in San Fernando and even the CNC3 television station.

Asked if she felt she became ill in Trinidad, she replied, “If I’m COVID-positive, it’s possible.”

She added, however, that prior to her visit to Trinidad she went on a vacation to Malaysia and Thailand from December 28, 2019 to January 10 this year and passed through Hong Kong.

“I got sick in Malaysia with fever, sweats, sore throat and coughing and went to the doctor there and got better.”

She said she has not been to the stores since February 27 and children, relatives and friends have been keeping in contact with her and helping out.

“Right now, I have cabin fever,” she said, on a lighter note. “I am sick from being cooped up inside.”

She said her employers have allowed her to continue working from home.

“I want to know the results of my test so I can know how to proceed.”

She pleaded with everyone to be careful. “Treat everyone as though he is sick and treat yourself as though you are sick. Practise social distancing and proper hygiene. Help flatten the curve.”


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