Fèt La Magéwit brief

Fèt La Magéwit brief


PRESS RELEASE – Church Service commences at 9:00 a.m. at the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Mass will be conducted by Fr. Cecil Goodman

Music accompaniment will be provided by a Folk Music Group with vocals by NintusMagre

Participating groups:




Aux Lyons

Vieux Fort


Saint Lucia National Trust Southern Chapter


Richfond Combined

Ciceron Combined

Monchy Combined

TiRocher Combined

Ave Maria Infant

Following the church service, the groups will parade along a designated route which will culminate with a spectacle at the Derek Walcott Square.

The procession will start from the church up Micoud Street, turn left unto Bridge Street, down Brazil Street and turn left to Laborie Street to enter the Derek Walcott Square.


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  1. Why is the High Court not up and running yet ?
    Why have the employees not come to work yet?
    Why have they not been relocated? Are they being paid to stay home?
    Four months is a long time for the, or any, part of any system of alleged Justice to be chaotic and dysfunctional completely.
    This is not an example of a Caribbean Island that anyone would feel safe to visit, or want to return to.


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