Female patient with brain injury raped at hospital

Female patient with brain injury raped at hospital

(NEW YORK POST) – A female patient with a serious brain injury was raped at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, police sources said Sunday.

A registered nurse at the hospital was checking on the 32-year-old patient around 7:45 p.m. Friday when she walked in on Keith Nembhard, 37, having sex with the incapacitated woman, police said.

The victim’s doctor told cops that the woman had a brain injury that rendered her incapable of consenting to sex, according to sources.

Nembhard, who knew the victim, was apprehended, arrested and charged with rape in the second degree, sources said.


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  1. I agree with Annonymous- what more is there to say after someone is raped in a hospital bed, through no fault of hers?
    The acquintance needed to show more compassion than getting consent - which cannot matter here, because when you have a brain injury your sense of right and wrong is diminished/comprised too. the vulnerable patient needed the man to be compassionate and look out for her safety and protection! That man's heart was really wicked to do perform such an act of violence. (If she couldn't speak for herself there are laws, including, HIPPA- with patient's rights and no one is allowed to have sex with a sick patient - some people in society are so depraved/sicko!)


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  3. He knew the victim in what way,journalist and the Media need to give full storyline not half of the storyline. Who raped her was it her husband.I will not even comment more on this story because the key word is Consent,the young lady was in a comma,but i keep thinking what do they mean by the suspect knew her.She was in a comma.....But there is a but am not sure,(he knew her.


    • Yes, you want the full storyline because you folks thrive on negativity!!!!!!
      What more is there to say, a woman was raped by a man.
      It was rape because she was incapable of giving consent, it doesn't matter who it was, he was arrested.

      GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!


        • You are correct, my apologies. It was not my intention to generalize but some of the comments that are written for some of these stories are so negative and hateful.
          One would expect that a story about a woman being raped would elicit some type of empathy or at least some sympathy especially from a female, I'm assuming that Sharon is a female, not the desire to get more details or "the ful story line".


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