Female MPs speak out about violence and sexual assault against women

Female MPs speak out about violence and sexual assault against women
Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert (left) and Commerce Minister Emma Hippolyte (right)
Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert (left) and Commerce Minister Emma Hippolyte (right)
Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert (left) and Commerce Minister Emma Hippolyte (right)

Bipartisanship has been in short supply in Saint Lucia for a number of years. In fact, there have been very few issues that have attracted accord across the current and previous governments.

However, calls are now being made to take a bi-partisan approach towards responding to sexual offences, child abuse and domestic violence, something that is increasingly getting out of hand.

Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert, who made this call said Saint Lucia needs to be resolute in interventions to address these issues, because it could escalate into something much bigger.

Rigobert believes that the issue could only be addressed if regional organizations, NGOs, women’s groups, social welfare agencies and both sides of the political divide work closely together.

The Micoud North MP said together they must find the root causes of these issues, promising not to rest until certain mechanisms are put in place to empower the “marginalized and the vulnerable.”

Joining her is another female politician, Commerce Minister Emma Hippolyte who said she too is deeply concerned about the increase incidence of rape and sexual violence against women.

Hippolyte said while women must always be on their guard, she said they should not have to live in a situation in which they always have to look over their shoulders.

The Gros Islet MP said all forms of violence must not be condoned and agrees that the country needs to sit and determine how the matter should be addressed.

“It is causing a lot of anger, a lot of pain and destroying the lives of persons,” Hippolyte added.

The police said almost 60 cases of rape have been reported since the start of the year.

There have also been a number of reported cases of domestic violence.


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  1. let `The G `say something nice about these two lovely ladies.
    Rigo baby I don`t think you have a problem being victorious, but you must
    be more vocal. Don`t be shy, you are loved but be tough and strong.

    Emma, I do admire your poise, you are quite a lady, well qualified in your
    field, but I think you are being held back somewhat. Don`t let anything
    bother you, victory is yours. Your political opponent has none of the qualities
    you possess, so relax. St.Lucia needs more of your kind. Be brave and be strong.


  2. Today we have an opportunity here to voice our opinions on violence
    toward women. We can do so without fear right here. It is an old habit
    or should I say crime, which has survived time, and women, even married
    women have endured for centuries. Some have been stoned to death,
    burned at the stake, Tarred and feathered, shaved bald and paraded in
    public, because someone accused them, of a crime mainly committed by
    a male. (women quite often do the same). It's a new world, baby, so let's
    not be shy about it and don't be scared.


  3. Lots of women out there are scared to come forward in these cases because of many reasons, and so many of those women put it behind them n try to move on but are there any persons or counsellors or even places they can go without having to feel like they are being raped all over when they have to make the reports ? These mp's as women shud meet with these women who are willing to come forward and find out what they can do to protect the ones that might feel like there will b no justice for such an act against them n other women....its not jus talkin n givin the topic its 5 mins it should b on goin until its eradicated...


  4. it is really sickening what these fellas do to women smh. On another note who is speaking out on violence and sexual assault against men? i only hearing things for and about women so what about the men


    • @g.w I agree with you. All of a sudden there has been a lot of incidents of rape lately and it is sickening. Maybe the cases on acts of violence on men occur less frequently than women hence the reason why it will not garner such passionate debate and discourse .Just like you I have always been asking the same question, why aren't we paying more focus on the men. Gun related crimes have been on the increase, we might have the statistics to prove that men are the number one offenders, but do we see anything,are there any drive being done to sensitize the young men in our society? Where is the awareness? Where is the drive? If we think that men are the cause of some of the ills in society why can't we address the source ?
      Perhaps the organizations that be can visits the primary schools , have prisoners talk to the young ones about prison life.
      I have said it already and I will say it again, St.Lucia needs to stop being a reactive society and start being proactive. We need to get out of the "always fixing mode" and start adopting measures that are aim at preventing such scourges. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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