Female inmate assaulted by three male inmates at Bordelais: Herman

By SNO Staff

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Director of Corrections at Bordelais Correctional Facility, Hilary Herman

Authorities are investigating this week’s “physical” assault of a female inmate by three male inmates at the Bordelais Correctional Facility, an official revealed Tuesday.

The incident occurred on Monday, Oct. 14, just after 12 p.m., Director of Corrections Hilary Herman told a press briefing.

Normally male and female inmates are housed in separate units, so how did that happen?

Herman said the incident occurred in the vicinity of the medical and female unit, which are “adjoining units”. He said both males and females have access to the medical unit.

Herman explained: “Very seldom male and female inmates are together… the exceptions are in classes, in church, those incidents, but normally they’re not together…. Now the medical and female units are adjoining units…. You would have both males and females having access to that facility.”

He said “at some point” the assault occurred “in that proximity.”

“We have no further details, but it’s important that we allow the public to know that this incident did took place,” Herman said, who was days ago appointed director of the facility — his third such appointment.

Herman expressed that this issue should never have happened and the prison is now “reviewing policies and procedures”.

“Something obviously went wrong and that’s what we will have to decide upon completion of the investigation,” he said. “I know that procedures were not followed, so we have to look into why it was not followed and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Herman believes the prison has become “complacent”.

“I think there’s a lot of revamping to do, to go back to standard policies and procedures, and I think this incident really directs that that needs to happen,” he said.

The assault comes a day after a 17-year-old girl, Michealer Soumere of Bruceville, Vieux Fort, appeared in court for the offence of introducing a prohibited item into the prison.

Police said, last week, Soumere smuggled a cell phone into the Facility in an attempt to pass it on to an inmate — her brother. She was accompanied by her mother at the time.

Soumere was granted $1,000 bail or suitable surety.


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  1. What really is your point? If you have all that info and see the negative it brings to the facility why not say or act to make it better?

    What's happening to uniforms for the officers?
    What type of agricultural program is running?

  2. Law Abiding Citizen

    Ask them what happened to the camera they have in there moi mem! Corruption! Poor girl imagine being gangbanged by them sweff boogs! To much wood for her carcarlack...and the worse part is the cover up! SNO ask them about the Cameras they had installed! Review it if they can! Day ban low life! Police crooks! Reminds me of a fucking Mexican prison!

  3. Oh my. And 5 days into office he has another lawsuit already. Misleading pple. I have been there. The female and medical units have always been adjoining units. The jail was built that way. so which procedure was not followed. Many improvements were made in that place in his absence to clean the violation of human rights mess. Now he want to review policies and procedures. When the michael guy was violated they didnt have policies and procedures

  4. Juvinilles in 2014 were housed at hotel amongst other adult inmates contrary to the Constution and Correctional Service Act who was in charge.

    In 2014, 23% of the Residence slept on the floor which amount to cruel and degreding treatment. Against the consttution of St. Lucia and the Corrrctional Service act.

    In 2014 Cocain Marijuana and alcohol ware staple items at the prison I wonder who was in charge.

    Micheal Stephen vs the Attorney General where the couts found BCF culpable and fined the state more than 2 million dollars for the breach of the said inmates rights. I wonder who was in charge. Causing so much undue litigation on the Government and unwarrantted judgement against the government.

    But there is more to come I have all the hidden files and the book is not completed as yet. Let sleeping dogs rest.

    • I wonder who reported sick for 3 months to the end of their contract when it was not renewed. They did not hand over. No exit report. And they are back commenting. The book is not done yet

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