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Female fight videos dominate St. Lucia social media scene (see videos)

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Social media in Saint Lucia has once again heated up. But this time it is not as a result of pornographic videos, but because of fights involving multiple females.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) obtained six of these videos:

– Four clips of a fight involving at four females in Constitution Park, Castries, which is reported to have occurred on Monday afternoon (May 28) some-time after 4:30 p.m. Several police officers can be seen attempting to separate the fights in that video. It was not immediately clear what caused the fights but SNO understands that the participants were taken into police custody and at least one was treated at hospital for injuries.

– The other two videos appear to be related and involves three females. The incidents also occurred in Castries. In one clip, two females are fighting in a kitchen, with one using a pot to beat the other while repeatedly telling her “you bring my child into your thing”. A third female appears to be trying to separate the duo. A male, wearing no shirt, also tries to part the fight, telling them to go “outside”.

The same females were seen in a tussle in the second video. The fight started after one accused the other of calling her out on Facebook. Two men subsequently separated the fight. It was not immediately clear if the police got involved in this incident and if anyone sustained injuries.

Below are the video clips some of which contain expletives.

Fight in Kitchen



Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

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  1. Something that came to mind was at least they are not running for guns and other weapons like the men do. Seems like they have more balls than men. Wish that people could just walk away from fights.

  2. Government should organize the fights and put them on pay per view.

  3. Those who are watching the video as guilty as those recording.

  4. These young people in st lucia have nothing better to do with their lives. The people that are behind the camera is just as bad. They need to get up their behind and go work, these fights happen because they have way to much time on their hand. I wish I had this much time. Why is this news anyway? This is just showing young people it's ok to behave like shit.

  5. I love cat fights.

  6. thats where the shooting happen today 👀

  7. This is embarrassing that everyone is videoing and people not doing nun. I shudda travel when I could.

  8. Why yall using snapchat to record a fight. Next time use the camera video so we can see the whole thing. Choops

  9. True Decendant

    That self is News. Choooooooooop. All you doing is making other young person especially the females, think its OK to fight in public so i might make the news.

  10. You negroes will NEVER CHANGE.


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