Female cop sent to prison

Female cop sent to prison

Prison-cellA female police officer was on Tuesday, Nov. 24 sent to Bordelais Correctional Facility for the night for not complying with the court.

Police Corporal 308 Louisy, who is now back at work, was reportedly found guilty of contempt of court in regards to a court case.

It is alleged that the officer, who is from Vieux-Fort, was arrested after she could not provide the court with a good reason for being absent for an ongoing case.




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  1. I feel for her. I hope one of these days when we awake and the whole bloody island need cops, we can find them.....stop ridiculing cops......everyday there are insults on cops.....there sure had to be another way of dealing with that matter.......


  2. I was baffled when this officer was promoted a few months ago. She should have known better. She needs to get both her private and professional life together.


  3. it hurts my heart to see so many people rejoice at the plight of the police without having all the facts .i have been a police officer for many, many years now and i have finally come to the realization that i must leave the police force .i wish we all my colleagues could do the same and let criminals ran free to do as the wish with all those "small minded people" we have in St.Lucia who constantly keep bashing the police. never seen such an anti police populace many of them criminals themselves. My God protect us


  4. But you lucians are a bunch of clowns.... for one night and next day she back to work on the job.... lol give me a break there a reason why so many things in that country is going all wrong.... Messed up if you asked me


  5. For the one who may have all the negativity to add on this one: let's hope that it never reaches your door steps
    Last I learnt cammas is so twisted
    Have you thought of her family
    And loved ones!
    What evidence do you have
    You slanderous mouths
    You see it is just in some of our people to always speak before we think
    How do we justify this unless we are the one ourselves
    What justice is this!!
    Last I checked we have much more wrong going on in this country that we need to address as citizens
    Maybe you need to get the facts on those matters and you can blast it on this website for better economical results
    Examine our wAys!!!


  6. Again you are going to demotivate another officer. A officer who was recently promoted bout 3 -5months ago. Was that really necessary. A contest of egoes i will say. I dont think a court can hokd u in contempt n send u to prison. There shud be a hearing n another judge/magistrate shud hear the evidence.


  7. When I look at st.Lucia there is no justice in this land u all was quick to send the police officer to prison for not coming to court .but the woman prison officer that had the drugs in her virginia for the prisoners is still at work .tell me what is going on in this country.


  8. I hope that police officer is dismissed because she now has a criminal record. She cannot be expected to continue as a police officer.


    • You must be illiterate. How can someone get a criminal record without a charger and due process. No wonder we are so backward. Shit man.


    • a stripping of the rank would be more effective. If someone dont like to do whats his/her duty get out of the job.


    • John. Stop being a jackass and shut up if you don't know what you want to yap about. How could the officer haven a criminal record when she has not been charged or tried for anything.
      If your brain were as smart and your mouth, you would have understood and recognized the problems in the action of the judge. Clearly being high handed and taking a course of action which wasn't appropriate, hoping that st. Lucians remain stupid as usual and say nothing about the 'almighty judge.'
      Just another violation of someone's rights. .. This time by our judiciary


  9. I hope this officer finds a good lawyer and file a lawsuit against the state for wrongful imprisonment. The judge has no authority to commit anyone to prison without a trial. There must be due process. This is an abuse of his authority. This incident reminds of lawyer Brian Stephen's case where he was dismissed without due process. Today he is back in the courts. That should say something.


    • Justice you are wrong on so many levels..............first of all how can the cop sue the state when the state did not prefer charges against her?? she has to sue the judge and good luck with that


      • Kal it's quite unfortunate that you don't have a brain so I will enlighten you. Simply put, the judge was at the time acting in his professional capacity and therefore any action would have to be against the state even if he is mentioned in the suit.


    • I wonder what you people will do when the police down their tools and leave you to the criminals. Can't wait for that F.....ing day.

      Are you aware that the judge apologized to the officer stating that his decision would have been different had he been furnished with additional information?

      Police officers are human beings too. Not robots. The are times when like judges, magistrates and lawyers they have good reasons for not being able to attend court.

      Further the accused in this case pleaded guilty last Friday and there was no need for the officer in court. It seems like the judge just had his period that day.


    • it is amazing how My fellow St lucians think about situations like this. A far as am concern sending a female officer to bordelais for contempt of court make no sense to me and just for one night what was the ulterior motive behind that ? I wonder, because the justice system sucks and some one with an inflated ego wanted to prove a point. Most times cases drag and drag and it never really has to do officers not attending court the matter still goes on and if it has to be dismissed for whatever reason, it will ,even if the officer is present of not. I strongly believe that situation could have been dealt with in a different manner. This case must have been one of very "high' interest should i say . The justice system needs to get their acts right and concentrate on providing justice to the citizenry of this nation in a timely manner and stop making the justice system looks like a comedy theatre


  10. Every body now doin siht wit da police ... this is a sign of things dat will happen in lucia soon. So many lawyers dont come to court wit petty or no good reason.. magistrates adjourn court b cus thier wife not feeling well nun for that but the same police that drive them n guard them they illtreating only god knows wat will happen when the police finally fed up and jus go loco...


  11. Yass it was time!
    They should be punished for disregarding the reverence that the court commands.
    They should be hanged for such. ????

    This is my judgement and it shall form the doctrine of Stare decisis, let that ... stand…



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