Felix: I stand a better chance of winning Castries Central

Felix: I stand a better chance of winning Castries Central
Stanley Felix
Stanley Felix
Stanley Felix

Although it might be an uphill challenge if three persons contest the Castries Central seat, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Stanley Felix has nevertheless expressed confidence in securing a win.

Felix told the media on Tuesday that his chances are much better when put against the opposition candidate and former Castries Central Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Flood- Beaubrun.

“I am dealing with a person who has been absent for 10 or more years. A person who has basically left the constituency and disappeared. A person who has not done anything for the constituency for quite a long time. And I have been the person championing the causes for the people of Castries Central,” he said.

Questioned on his thoughts about incumbent MP for Castries Central, Richard Frederick running as an independent, Felix said it is his democratic right to run if he chooses to, but he (Felix) has been working with the people of the constituency and he will have their support.

“I am the face they have been seeing. I’m the face I want them to see in the future. So, I go to them for the support and I am sure they will give me their support. I am very confident of a win because of what I have done in the constituency over the last four and a half years, which none of the other candidates can boast of,” he asserted.

Felix said he is now more experienced and have taken and invested time to understand the issue facing constituents. And based on his track record, there is no doubt in his mind that he will win the seat.


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    Stanly Felix is not the representative in Castries Central !! Richard Federick is the one who won the seat.

    Stanley Felix is a Senator of the SLP he has not won a seat in Castries Central.

    So why the hell you all want to charge him with not doing anything in the community.

    These people and the ones giving the thumbs up are so stupid.

    Richard Federick is your Minister and besides his party is not in power. SMH WOW !!

    Y'ALL DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO AND FOR WHAT YOU ALL VOTING. This is almost like being illiterate !!


    • Jaccki i believe ur "smartness" exceeds u. People do have the right to say he has done nothing to win their votes for the next election. Especially if he intended on running for this seat again. Like every politician new comer or old if u want to win a seat u do ur work, make ur face be seen. You do not have to be an m.p. to get involved with the community. Further more he is part of the ruling party and to add insult to injury he is the minister of housing development. Do u not see the eye sore wth the housing scheme or lack there of in central castries?? The same way he's now mysteriously initiating this Gaboo lands project had he done so earlier his words would have some merit. Stanley felix is a joke who has gotten comfortable in his leather chair.


    • He admitted and I quote " I am very confident of a win because of what I have done in the constituency over the last four and a half years, which none of the other candidates can boast of".

      The moment you make a comment like this persons will take you to task and ask what you have done.

      If he hadn't make this comment, then your point would be valid, but with that admission persons will challenge him.


      • What are you talking about? There are other people on here saying he has been in the constituency and he has been involved so your point is? Fact check and others said he be in the constituency so.... hello what, what, what?


  2. to me stanley is the the minister for central so y all the complaining ,i am not an slp but i have seen him doing house to house ,give jack his jacket.......yall eh goin n run frederick down with all yall complaints abt central for the pass 4 years ...smh


  3. I am not and will never be the best.. But my fellow Lucians pls before we write or say things let us try and get our facts correct, I say this because i can't believe that you people above are writing about Stanley Felix doing nothing in Central castries in the last five yrs, Really ha ha hi is Stanley Felix the distric rep for central? Is Stanley Felix an MP? Richard is your rep. You lot rejected Stan and so the Goverment gave him a Job, Come on get it right. Who represent central in parlament? You don't have to vote the man but stop making him a scape Goat.


    • Do not be too quick to defend Stanley. He was the one who said quote ' I am confident of a win because of what I have done in the constituency over the last four and a half years which none of the other candidates can boast of ' I live in Castries Central, I have never seen Stanley Felix, I do not know Stanley personally. I have never met him. The only place I see Stanly is on my television screen, so he cannot come out and say that he is the face the people have been seeing that is a lie. Stanley should come out and say what work he has done in Castries Central. I guess he will talk about all the pavements they dug up around Christmas causing more discomfort to the people


  4. Man your only chance is to go back an perform your lawyer duties and even that you poor at.


  5. guys why are you guys complaining that you haven't been seeing him, maybe yall were liming up in wrong "QUE" to see him. sorry i mean't lining up, lol, liming is for Rodney Bay, lol


  6. Stanley you sure you wouldn't prefer the Rodney bay seat? Because this is where you spend all your time sipping your Martinis and puffing on your cigars whilst talk shit with your high society friends. What the hell you care about the people of castries central, you were more interested in selling rum. You could have done that by the market.


  7. Stanley, like the majority of our so - celled politicians is just another clown blowing hot air! Mate is just a big FAKE!


    • Who you talking about? Felix has never won the seat, how you mean another four years? the man has been campaigning for the last four years as a government minister, if he does'nt win the seat he should leave politics.



  8. George ville alone does not constitute as central Castries. And the minions u have working for u to convince ppl, sorry no dice. u can fool and buy them with rum and chicken but the rest of us smarter than that. When you're trying to win ppl over don't do it with arrogance but then again which politician would say they don't stand a chance.

    What have u done for central castries that in the next five years i can point to and say yes it was stanley felix initiative??? at least with all his bad manners Richard gave a park. u only won because ppl like me wanted to get rid of him, now the shoe is on the other foot and ur fate has been sealed for ejection just like his was.


  9. At least Sarah was not on the island and so the people in central might not have seen her.
    But Stanley you are on the island, a government Minister to boot and central was not seeing you. In fact you were not even sure of running again. Is by chance kenny give u another try


  10. Stanley Felix apart from the redoing of a few sidewalks in Castries what legacy is it that you speak of????

    Richard Fredrick despite his many issues at least worked for the people of Central Castries. He left them with Serenity Park, Facelifts on the CDC blocks, the New Extension to the Castries Market (by the Popular Triple D's), And the many 'Sight for sore Eyes' Booths littered around the city painted in very nice colours for small business people to utilize. For those selling food the booths are also more hygienic than just selling by the roadside or out of a tray. That is a small but very significant transformation in the city centre that we are all overlooking and taking for granted.

    So Mr. Felix what exactly is your 5 year legacy versus that of Richard Frederick? To me its a no contest if we are to go solely on work.

    Not to mention you're not a people person. To top it all off.


  11. Poor Sorry Stanley.
    The ground in Central Castries is very clear. Sarah all the way!
    Sorry Stanley but even the UWP polls showed that Sarah would win all 4 of the constituiencies they tested her in so you are up against a force of St Lucian nature!
    We have been mamaguayed for too long by you and the SLP big boys who have only been filling their pockets at the expence of Lucians.
    Why you think there are so many suicides? Because you all have killed our will to live in this rough society

    Instead of growth in the economy of 4 or 5% the country has been on negative growth for 4 1/2 years under you clowns and no amount of bogus 'development' you pushing just before elections will make a difference.


  12. Stanley you think you will get Frederick,s votes, but that will not happen. It will be a two way fight. Richard will not want to embarrass himself because if he runs, he will loose his alleged deposit.
    Stanley I have never seen you in my area. Sarah has not disappeared from the people of Castries Central, it just shows that you are not in tune with what is happening in Castries Central. Sarah's Law Office is situated in Central Castries right among us.
    You have done nothing in Castries Central far less champion any body's cause. If you are speaking the truth, then tell us some of the things you have done in Castries Central.


  13. Felix I live in Central Castries and I have never seen you in the are. I have never met you personally, so you cannot lie and say you are the face the people have been seeing. Sarah was a very good Minister oh healt, and at the time in office she tried her very best but Kenny kicked her out because of the Abortion Bil.
    Stanley for the four and a half years representive Castries what cause have you championed for the people pf Central Catries.


    • Sarah Flood was not any good Minister of Health. I hate to hear people repeat this. There was the same long waiting times at our hospitals. Victoria Hospital was in a deplorable condition, not much if anything has changed today. But this claim that somewhere between 1997 and 2003 there was anything good going on in the health sector is an absolute myth. St Lucia's Health sector has been in chaos for the last 15 years.


      • Where was mate living between 1997 and 2001. Not in St. Lucia!
        Sarah was a miracle worker in Health and it was when you useless SLPs fired her, all fall down at Victoria.
        Before Sarah's time in Health at Victoria doctors had to be called from home after around 10 pm. No air conditioning in the A&E. No hot water, no bandages and other supplies, nurses overworked, X ray up the road and you had to walk up a hill for x ray. 5 hour wait to be examined. No ambulances.
        After she had finished Victoria was a 1st Class standard - even the international people said that. Waiting time down to 45 mins. Portable x ray machines. Doctors on call 24/7.

        It was after Kenny fired her and Greaves took over that everything went 'ole mass' again !
        What about the mother to child AIDS prevention or the focus on mental health or the Shelter for battered women!

        You a real joker!


        • its all a blur to me because its like they all competing for last place. The hospital is still like u in the country side of mexico or worse Haiti.


  14. Really? Who have seen u in Central? Very arrogant! Who will vote for you? We have seen Sarah. I feel more comfortable with her


  15. Stanley last year you had indicated that investors said talking to you was like a breath of fresh air.
    This statement would leave someone to conclude that you are a man of innovative ideas, you are a man capable of thinking outside the box, you are a man who gets the job done, you are a man of vision. Hope you get my drift because that is what breath of fresh air in the context you used it seemed to imply.

    With that being said.
    Can you please let us know how you as a breath of fresh air has been able to instill new life etc in Castries Central? Let me help you out based on you being described according to you as a breath of fresh air. I am asking can you tell me what innovative ideas have you come up with that would be a foundation for creating a legacy in Castries Central or the Ministry you have been entrusted with.
    What have you done in Castries Central that 50 years from now, someone can confidently say that it is because of Stanley Felix's vision we are able to, or we have.

    Because based on what I have seen for the past four and a half years, I don't think I would like to see your face in the future.


  16. The only safe UWP seat is Castries North. In every other seat it will be a struggle for them to win including UWP bastions like Micoud nth and Sth .
    The election could be a landslide for the SLP 15-2 16-1 at worse 14-3


    • Leon Blake if SLP wins the election, UWP will not be the one to lose, St. Lucia will lose. SLP makes a better opposition than a ruling party in my humble view.


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