Felicia Browne: Curfew to deter St. Lucia’s gun violence not the answer

Felicia Browne: Curfew to deter St. Lucia’s gun violence not the answer
Felicia Browne

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Allen Chastanet-led government should be mindful that implementing laws that may infringe on the rights of ordinary citizens reflects a lack of concern for fundamental universal rights. This would clearly arise from the possible reinstatement of the curfew which was established as a measure against community spreading of COVID-19.

Felicia Browne, a human rights advocate, said that the government has not only continued to implement restrictive policies that have only infringed on the rights of citizens but also has displayed a total disregard on the effects and consequences these policies have had on its citizens.

Such policies have mainly affected the youth. Many of the persons who violated the curfews were young persons.

Browne said that “in April, we have observed the strict policies of the government in order to ‘flatten the curve’ – and rightfully so, citizens have adhered to them, as challenging as it was. Now the prime minister is seeking to implement these same policies such as curfews to deter gun violence”.

Gun-related violence is violence committed with the use of a gun. Gun-related violence remains problematic — yet no concrete gun control policies have been designed to alleviate the problem associated with it.

The World Health Organisation told us how to deal with the virus. It hasn’t suggested that the same formula works for guns.

Browne highlights that the prime minister should consider the recent crime survey report which was released a few weeks ago to propose measures to implement a more feasible approach to this problem. Gun violence requires policies and implementation that will not only deter persons from using but also having easy access to them.

— (Felicia Browne)


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