Fedee weigh in on public servants and politics

Fedee weigh in on public servants and politics
Dominic Fedee.
Dominic Fedee
Dominic Fedee

The debate as to whether public servants should have the right to participate in politics continues, and adding his view on the issue is United Workers Party (UWP) candidate Dominic Fedee.

Fedee has said that there is some level of double standard being portrayed by the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) when it comes to this issue, particularly as it relates to perspective candidates.

The UWP Senator said the names of two persons were mentioned in a press statement, who are both public servants planning to contest in the run-off to become the next SLP candidate for Anse La Raye.

While he refused to comment further, Fedee said the ruling party has shown some level of hypocrisy when it comes to this matter, given that these persons have been already been named.

But General Secretary of the SLP, Leo Clarke, has responded saying that the Staff Orders for Civil Servants is clear and noted that the matter is not being understood properly.

Clarke declared that the rule of the public service does not say one can’t have an interest in becoming a candidate, but if that person moves to become a candidate then the rules would change.

There have been calls to have the Staff Orders revised and made a 21st century piece of regulation, which would allow for persons within the public service to participate freely in politics.

Government Information Service (GIS) broadcaster, Jeana Corneille, is currently before a disciplinary board of the Public Service Commission (PSC) for allegedly not following staff orders.

Corneille had expressed an interest in contesting in the run-off to become the UWP’s Gros Islet candidate, but was eventually blocked from participating because she is a public servant.

The broadcaster is being represented by an attorney paid for by the Civil Service Association (CSA) which is hoping for a ruling that will open the door for public servants to participate in politics.


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