FEATURE: Lauryanne SooChan – Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant

FEATURE: Lauryanne SooChan – Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant

Each week, St. Lucia News Online will feature a biography for a contestant in the Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant which is set for September 27.  We have already featured Kaysia Verneuil and Kerniya Joseph. Today we feature Lauryanne SooChan.

My name is Lauryanne Malykla SooChan and I was born on the 3oth of October 1995 in the wonder island of Martinique from a St. Lucian father and a French mother.

My parents moved to St. Lucia when I was just six months old and I have been living here since. I have a passion for architectural design and drawing so naturally, I oriented my studies in that direction. Currently I am a full-time student in architectural technology at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. My ultimate goal is to become a renowned architect and hopefully, I will be able to leave me mark in the Saint Lucia landscape.

I also love dancing which allows me to express my feelings. I may not be the most confident person but when I am in studio or stage, I transform myself, feel stronger and my soul opens ups. I am a member of the ‘Miracle Dancers’ group. To me nothing beats the feeling of performing. I also practice gymnastics and I am a part-time assistance coach for primary school students at both the Camille Henry Memorial School and the Dame Pearlette Louisy School. I enjoy working with the little ones and try my best to be a positive role model for them. I am also a cheerleader at my school.

I am a dynamic individual and I know that with the help of God, everything is possible. I am a fun-loving individual, but I am also disciplined as I believe that in order for you to accomplish your goals you need to be rigorous, persistent and you must be ready to face setbacks along the way to accomplishing your dreams.

I enjoy spending time with my love ones, swimming and travelling.

Travelling provides me with the opportunity to learn about different cultures which I love.

In conclusion I can say that I am well-rounded individual with a lot to offer to my country, St. Lucia.


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