FEATURE: Jamelie Charlery – Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant

FEATURE: Jamelie Charlery – Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant

Each week, St. Lucia News Online will feature a biography for a contestant in the Mizik Mélé Mélange Creole Pageant which is set for September 27.  We have already featured Kaysia Verneuil, Kerniya Joseph, Lauryanne SooChan and Mandy Leo. Today we feature Jamie Charlery. 

Beauty meets intelligence in the embodiment of this 21-year-old Nubian princess. I am Jamelie Charlery, the epitome of grace, elegance, and glamour.

I emanate from the pristine community of La Pointe, Mon Repos and started my formal education at the Patience Combined School. I later attended the Micoud Secondary School, where I made my debut in modelling and pageantry. Subsequently, I have participated in three pageants, two of which were creole pageants, in which I placed first and second, respectively.

My rich creole background contributes my vivacious personality and enables me to maintain a positive outlook. I am talented in the area of choreography, dance and drama. In my spare time, when I am not socialising, I engage in reading, dancing and modelling.

My ultimate dream is to become a professional model. I aim to dazzle the world stage, and become an ambassador to St Lucia.


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