FAYMES gets interns from CIDA

FAYMES gets interns from CIDA

Three Canadian interns are currently on island gearing up to undertake social work under the Family and Youth Mentoring and Empowerment Services (FAYMES) for the next the next five months.

According to a press release, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), which recently recognized FAYMES, has made the services of Nicole Guday, Komal Kardar and Catherine Cervantes possible under the International Youth Internship Program (IYIP) which is being administered by the University of Calgary International.

FAYMES is a non-profit organization which aims to support youth and families through mentorship and management of transitional life issues, the release says.

The interns are expected to conduct activities consistent with FAYMES development and sustainability programs. It is anticipated that their contributions to the organization’s parenting program will “greatly assist society in helping the youth and their families to deal with the many concerns being discussed on street corners and in the media, among them: struggles of single parent households, violence at home, physical and sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, school dropouts, drugs, intoxication, gang affiliation and idleness,” the release said.

The interns are now involved in an orientation process and are being briefed on the social framework of their upcoming endeavors. They are also expected to engage in training sessions with identified volunteer trainers who will continue the programs beyond the internship.

These initiatives will take effect in the academic year 2013-2014, with needs assessments to be conducted in various communities to measure the progress of the programs’ and their implementation strategies.

“The interns are happy to be actively involved within the FAYMES community and are passionate about FAYMES’ vision for the promotion of wholesome family life in Saint Lucia,” the release said.

Director of Operations at FAYMES, Sr. Marie Therese Clement, O.P will supervise the project locally.

Among FAYMES main goals is to “strengthen parents’ self-confidence by empowering them with knowledge and skills as well as to provide a safe and supervised space for youth to meaningfully engage after school. These goals have taken shape through educational services such as counselling and other programmes.”

CIDA has also demonstrated its support for FAYMES’ parenting program through the donation of office equipment, the release says.

FAYMES is offering school vacation workshops for the summer and forms can be picked up at its offices or the Castries Presbytery on Micoud Sreet.


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  1. As a Commonwealth Realm, Canada should have played a bigger role in developing the smaller Realms. Canada has been too occupied with Asia over the decades, but better late than never.


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