Father of youth attacked by Vieux Fort gang advises young men to listen to their parents

Father of youth attacked by Vieux Fort gang advises young men to listen to their parents
Elias Batchoo

The father of a young man from Vieux-Fort who was severely injured following a brutal attack recently, said had his son heeded his advice he may not have been injured today.

“I spoke to him until I did not know what to tell him again. He is very stubborn… he would not listen,” his father Elias Batchoo told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview.

Nerius Batchoo, 21, of St. Jude Highway, was on July 12, chopped in his head with a cutlass which split his skull, resulting in bleeding in his brain, following a brutal attack by a group of young men. He has been in and out of hospital several times, both at Tapion Hospital and St. Jude Hospital. Batchoo is currently at home.

His son Nerius Batchoo was severely injured.

One of his attackers, who is expected to make a court appearance today (Monday), was charged with attempted murder, while another who was part of the group who accosted Batchoo, was charged with damage to property.

According to the victim’s father, they were told by the doctor that he can’t guarantee them that his son will survive.
Batchoo feels that the condition that his son is in, his home is not the safest place for him. He however added that his condition has improved a bit because he is talking.

Batchoo recalled some time ago that his son was severely injured by a group of men who stabbed him several times about his body and threw him in a river, thinking he had died.

“He went back with the same friends again…” his father lamented.

According to him, it pains him to see what has happened to his son, adding that his entire family spoke to him about his bad ways and the young men he usually associates with. Batchoo said that when they speak to him, he would give them the impression that he would change his behaviour, but never did so.

“Right now I can’t even eat or sleep at nights. I would wake up about 2.am and walk in and out of the house..,” Batchoo, who recently returned to the island, grieved.

His advice to young men is to listen to their parents and avoid associating with bad characters.

“The choice you make today, determines your future…” Batchoo admonished young men.


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  1. If the mind of his son were not in the gutter, his son would not have found himself in such strange position twice. Not once, but twice? Who can feel sorry for mate? He put himself in this. He and his friends should be enjoying this all by themselves. What a wasted life!


  2. Wow. Man. That's deep. Pain pain pain. Jah. Don't make loud noise around the boy. Have faith. Slowly but surely.


  3. It's so said to read those negative comments. . Christ died for us all. No matter what we have done ,the blood of Jesus is able. Who do not have no sins cast the first stone.. St.lucians repent. Don't let the devil take way your peace in Christ. If you all don't have any good to say ,be quiet.. God loves everyone. He shed His blood for him also. Who are we to condemn.


  4. Thank god I wasn't da one who hurt him bcuz I really had plans for Nerius!!!I feel sorry for fs guys who hurt him cuz now dey gotta FACe da subsequences for someone who doesn't deserve to pay a dime for..... All his bad boy friends y didn't dey help him ...fa same yard he wanted yo showoff bad boy to plz his friend is da same house dey f--- him up


  5. whenever a young man commit a minor crime they send them to prison in prison they meet with hard core criminals when they come out they bcome criminals the system is failing our youth there are other alternatives for the youth community work etc etc.


  6. I hear you daddy. "I spoke to him until you I did not know what to tell him again". If he can't hear then he must feel as simple as that. No parent don't want this for their child, but some of these young men these days even when they had proper brought -up-sy all they want to do is glorify a dutty gangster lifestyle.


    • Hello for those of you who dont kno and say wat your wants to say i am the mother and you have np idea wat my son has been through father getting praise making ppl believe is him no no no ask him about nerius he dosen't kno any thing about him it is simply that this boy is mot in his life He was the one who put him out at an early age and i have been dere for him with my daughters hello ask him if he ever give him a bottle of water ppl feel his pain wat pain every time he goes out of island bringing things for every one he never give him a dine heartless man after wat happen to him he came to visit him one two times and thats it never bring any thing thing for him not even a sm water hmmmm i am the one taking care of him and my three daughters right pampering bathing feeding his condition is never to walk again so plz keep yall nasty comments to urself there is a day coming for all of us .


      • Pay chou don you had leave your house to go and watch jimmy ass and left your children homeless.none of yal eh play a good part in his life


      • Lady that's not Maury...who needs to know it's u taking care of ur son ...isn't that ur responsibility ? .....keep doing what u doing for ur son n stop acting like u looking for praise for taking care of ur son


  7. Keep your damn a** shut!
    You coming on here talking about you warned him when you put him out at a young age because of your woman that went on the cruise and came back pregnant!!
    Guys this young man is in this situation today because of his parents,believe it or not both parents are to be blamed.
    I pray he pulls thru quickly and that his behavior changes.
    St.Lucians don't put your man or woman over your child/children because they will end up in this situation and your shameless faces will be up like this stupid man's own! Byeeee


    • Yeah. He was troubled. Not a true pure bad boy. When you neglect tour children majority of them end up having mental problems and become rebellious. Talk more about the good things of people and stop stomping on all their faults because everyone makes bad choices. Say something good about somebody Where is the love


    • A lot of Saint Lucian females are just plain personal creates of tragedy and disasters. They insist that their sons are too young to have any children.

      Yet, these same women are well aware that these very same sons are having sex with females who can give birth to babies. Others can see that the young girl had no other relationships. Strange, don't you think?

      Some women pass their past misery around. They do not allow their men to properly raise or to provide for the children from other relationships. The children did not ask to be born, mind you.

      But if this happens to their children by another man, these children may wind up wayward. They may be find themselves fighting to remain alive like this piece of chopped meat. Bonobos, as monkeys in the jungle live better than that.

      But then again, they are the first to chime in, regarding the path chosen by this idiot man, and to say people are heartless. Really?


  8. This shows that the Son is far greater than the angels, just as the name God gave him is greater than their names.

    – Hebrews 1: 4


  9. Some of y'all really heartless. Don't u ppl understand that this could be anyone's​ kid? Ur child may just turn on u although u tried ur best, it may just b u, u never Kno. Life is full of surprises. Never rejoice over someone's downfall.


    • Bleeding heart for a criminal? Wow. When, they rob you, beat you or almost kill you, I guess you will be obliged to say, "I said you all were all saints. Please send me to my maker."


  10. I believe that God has a plan for his life. Speedily recovery God is with you. Definitely he has great plan in store for you...


  11. I believe that God has a plan for his life. Speedily recovery God is with you. Definitely he has great plan in store for you...


  12. Everyone playing the blame game, listen to your parents is so easy to say. So many young parents these days, you think they know right from wrong ? Suggest ways to get our young impressionable kids away from these negative influences around them. How about the parents create a positive environment for their kids to grow up in instead of by the street.


    • Yup, he is an adult He is old enough to make his own decisions. I have no doubt he was taught right from your[based on his fathers statement] but he opted for a life of thuggery. You can take a donkey to the water but you can never make it drink. Life has dealt him a harsh lesson. I hope he redeems his way....as long as life exist it is not too late....Indeed, he has hope.

      Family, continue to support and counsel.


  13. Better take flight and go to Barbados or Martinique. Bleeding in the brain bro, St.lucia ain't got the expertise. Learn to behave you'all selves to much thug life will have you 6 feet like Tupac. You don't have to be a bad man for you to get respect.


  14. Yall really heartless smfh. Do u ppl understand that this could b ur kids too? Life is full of suprises. Ur child could seem perfect one minute and suprise u da next. B careul wat u say and never rejoice over no one's downfall. Prqy for him instead


  15. It's sad what happened to your son, but if he was attacked the first time and thrown in the river, why would he go back to that group of friends again? Sometimes it takes the hard way for some of these kids to learn. I'm a parent and I know what you're going through, but this does sound like gang related. Unfortunately, if any child of mine feel he or she is too grown not to take my advice and go down the wrong path and follow the bad crowd, I definitely will cut you out of my life. Sometimes tough love is best for these kids now a days.


  16. well big up to u dad for not putting water in your mouth or sayin he was an good boy....respect


  17. He is a very lucky cat. It looks like he has used two of his nine lives. Me? I do not feel sorry for him one bit. That would be a waste of time. He has made his bed, papa. Let him lie on it. Let him die.


    • Some of yall can be animals no kind of heart am guess u must a family member of one of the boys who did this to this Young man no body is perfect smfh


      • Whaa? Let him breed more gangsters like him to terrorise the rest of us? That is all he has to offer his rotten life. If he dies, we should be saying hallelujahs.


    • He made a choice between good and evil. He ignored his own father regarding the straight and narrow. He got his comeuppance. He got his just deserts. What is there to feel sorry about?


    • Let him die you fool....by the grace of God he will survive and he's coming back stronger than he was...trust me on that