Father Lambert St. Rose warns cutting religion from schools could set ‘dangerous precedent’

Father Lambert St. Rose warns cutting religion from schools could set ‘dangerous precedent’

fr-lambert-midUniversity of the West Indies Mona Campus’ lecturer Dr. Tennyson Joseph’s statement on the removal of religious items from the curriculum of schools has been rebuffed by Father Lambert St. Rose.

Josephs, who was speaking at a session of Barbados Senor Parliament on home schooling, said that a universally accepted secular curriculum would eradicate any conflicts which may exist for none Christian members of Barbados.

He then went on to say Barbados should:

“Start with education reform by separating religious mumbo jumbo from serious secular notions..”

Father Lambert St. Rose said that this would be a recipe for wide scale civil and social unrest.

“With the absence of religious education in schools, the state is setting a presidency that it can ill afford. For without a moral consciousness man will lack a moral center. His mind and heart will lack the senses of virtues, values and valor. With all the intellectual powers at man’s disposal without an informed conscience the state is begging for social unrest and deviancy. Man is in need of an ethical center. A moral consciousness. If he is to function as a civilized being. ”

Josephs however said his comments were taken out of context:

“I was making the point that one of the features of about a modern democracy is to separate church from state like the Americans do. The problem in the Caribbean is that the state imposes a religion on young people.”

The Caribbean is one of the most religious regions in the world.


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  1. wow!!!!its interesting that someone can say it's time to remove religion from all schools so the teachers can concentrate on their work....Father God I pray......open the eye of that individual....cleanse their mind, heart and body for their don't know what they say....stretch your healing hand over our nation(St.Lucia) and by extension the entire Caribbean...the evil forces is rapidly showing it presence felt in our schools. long live our King..Jesus.


    • If God did not do it during creation, then God approves of all what is going on now. If you disagree then God is not Alpha and Omega, the all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing God.
      There are no two ways about that. God created the devil. If not, God would not have allowed the conditions to lead to the transformation of an angel in Heaven to an angel in Hell. The thinking priest has been brainwashed to tell you the opposite is true.
      When God could have made a perfect universe, he instead created one, where Roman Catholics believe that was necessary for humans to execute a their God in the flesh to appease the God in the spirit. All of this was foreseen, if you believe that God is all-knowing. Why did God allow mere mortals to execute HIM in the flesh? To prove what?
      Why has God stop appearing from the skies or saints going up into the clouds? Science removes those possibilities nowadays?
      You can teach people what is right from what is wrong, without executing them in public or stoning them to death.


  2. And why should it be the responsibility of the government to dictate what religion is taught in schools?
    School is a place for academia, to develop critical and logical thought. This would not mix well with religion. Academia is objective whilst religion is subjective.

    Teach your children your religion at home and teach them to be tolerant of others beliefs. That is your responsibility as a parent. It is not the reposibility of some 20 yr old hired by the government to teach your children your religious moral beliefs.

    Keep schools and religion separate.


    • What a wonderful reply. Religion like the polarizing equivalent that is called politics is very dangerous. Note too that almost all of the religions emerging from the Middle East require blood sacrifices to appease their gods. When that has been abandoned, they do it mock fashion. Take Holy Communion. It is refined cannibalism. People ritually and symbolically eat flesh and drink blood of their god. Abraham heard a voice calling on him to tie up and offer him as a sacrifice a son upon an alter.


  3. Children should be taught to believe in a higher being whether it be Jesus Allah Jehovah Yahweh etc etc. Otherwise our country will be a haven for evil forces and a replica of the so called world's only super power.

    Additionally religion curricula in school should not be biased to one religion: that's morally wrong and is a violation of basic human rights.


  4. It is high time that religious mumbo jumbo be removed from all schools so that teachers can concentrate on the task of educating the youth. This priest pretends that church especially his church has a moral compass... It does not... The history of atrocities is well known and it continues. Morality and good behaviour does not belong to religion. Hence the extinction of religion from all schools is a necessary step towards a better and more progressive society.


  5. Ironically, Dr. Tennyson Joseph is the product of good Catholic non-secular education since he was schooled at St. Mary's College (SMC) between 1980-1985. He used to recite the "Hail Mary" during his time at SMC but now he refers to his solid religious education as "mumbo jumbo."


    • Was always in charge. See God created the d-EVIL. Placed it in the garden. Made two weak individuals who God allowed the fallen angel, the devil to create havoc. This is what some call religious belief or religion. Ain't this real mumbo jumbo.The situation was created ahead of us. If you have difficulty with that then God is not omniscient as some claim.


  6. I totally agree with you.Mr.Joseph do not realise that the problem with America is that is a country without God. A country not rooted in God is a country in chaos. Our beloveth country with be going in reverse without a religious foundation in school.


  7. I agree with Fr St Rose. My nieces are able to come home and talk about Jesus. They here it at home they hear it in Church and they hear it in school. It's a good thing to have and I don't think it should change. If they don't read the bible in the home they will read in the school. I'm a young man and this has helped changed my life.


  8. There are three main causes of blindness, cataracts is the third, politics is the second most leading cause with. Religion as the first leading cause of blindness


  9. Look no farther than the US to see where removing religion from education/school is wrong.


  10. Praise God Caribbean region,keep God in every place of government in school in private sector in every place in every community. Move God from our school and from our community and see the devil break with darkness like a bandit. The devil always looking for someone to use to bring darkness over children and over our community. The devil comes to steal,kill and destroyed, but Jesus Christ has come to give life and give it more abundance. So keep the bible in schools and government and our community.


    • Wow! How do you propose we educate our students, holistically? Eliminate religion, then you eliminate the opportunity to nurture moral values and principles. A nation devoid of mortality? Unbelieveable!!!!!


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