Fatal Jacmel shooting may be gang related (video)

Fatal Jacmel shooting may be gang related (video)



A source close to the families of two of the men who were killed execution-style at Jacmel on Sunday, claims that the incident may be gang related, especially since two of the deceased were known to be in “bad business”.

The source, who was at first reluctant to speak with St. Lucia News Online (SNO), said he cannot say much, but alleged that the men may have been involved in some kind of wrong dealings.

The individual told SNO: “No way men would just come up at your place and fire bullets. There must be a reason and the reason cannot be any good reason. Something went wrong and that was the end result.”

“From what I have heard from family members is that the three men, two from Jacmel and another unfamiliar male were liming, when the gunmen walked in an opened fire.

Female relatives of one of the victims scream as the bodies are being removed.

The source said while he is aware of what may have triggered the shooting, he is not open to a discussion.

“Even if you know what happen, you see and you don’t talk,” he related.


Another eyewitness, who was also reluctant to speak, was overheard recounting the series of events to a police officer. The eyewitness claims that he was allegedly entering the yard when he heard gunfire.

“I was walking in there when I heard the man them open fire, I started to run and jump over the fence deh gasa, bruise up all my hands and knees,” he said.

A resident, who was passing by, said it was sad to see young men die like that.

“Is fast and easy money they want, look how they young, is three one time them man tek there,” she said to onlookers.






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  1. There was a police shooting and every body (all criminaks) had all sorts of things to say.....everyone saw what happened and they came forward like water with stories ...they all saw what happened ...but miraculously gang related shooting and no one has anything to say..what just about 7 comments......smfh at you shameless so called lucians ......criminality alone you luicans support talking about if yall talk people will come after yall..... When is police that out deh protecting yall ass yall can call them all sorts of names....let bad boys kill bad boys.....police should not even be responding to them stupid reports.....now noone has anything bad to say about the criminals......you guys are more defending them.....shameless


  2. under normal circumstances kids bury their parents, but was this days going on, parents have to bury their kids is a shame for the society.


  3. Liming at the home of Gillian is so far from the truth. People read these things so try to stay as close to the truth as possible.


  4. If is Gillian they came for why they had to shoot the other two boys that caused them to die and one still at vh surrfering and crying see they did that to his son uncle and his cousin both of them dead plus his nephew dad OMG come


  5. None of what them fellas write in that post not true... have a story everyone if jacmel bois den knows that's not where Gillian lives url saying the fellas were liming by the man home.


  6. These eye witnesses had nothing to say why didn't they just shut their trap. These crazy ass killer don't need to have any bad business to do what they want to do. Ppl can hate you for nothing. A simple disagreement and it's result to a grudge and then comes the action. Do Me ppl talk trash after an event like that. Like they say u have nothing good to say shut ur trap. So it must be the eye witness involve in something g
    That's why he don't want to give the reason so they don't come for his family
    .. nonsense..... or he just wants to be on the media


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