Fatal accident in Dennery: police report

Fatal accident in Dennery: police report

pedestrian accidentPRESS RELEASE – On Saturday, August 1, 2015 officers attached to the Dennery Police Station received a report of a body lying motionless on the Errad Road in Dennery.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a male body later identified as 53 year old, Albert Sampson also known as “Bookah” (no fixed place of abode) lying on the said road.

There appeared to be a brake impression leading to the body.

Sampson was subsequently transported to the Dennery Hospital. A post mortem examination has been scheduled for 1:00 p.m. today’s date.


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  1. The vehicle is bound to have some damage.Ppl in the surrounding areas or even island wide,if you see any vehicle in your community with fresh damage plz inquire or report it to the Police.


  2. You police we have here call this an accident, if it were an accident the person responsible would have reported it , this is a homicide or murder whichever term you people are formillia with. he is a human being and for someone to kill him like that and leave him there is unacceptable. he never troubled anyone even though he was homeless, i hope this person rott for this and i hope he feels what the poor guy must have felt before dying, god rest his soul.


  3. My God he is a human being, why are some people so dam heartless. The couldn't stop and render some help to that person until the ambulance get there oh lord please help. I know your fate will be worst you dirty bastard. God is watching .


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