Farewell Louvin

Farewell Louvin

Fifteen-year-old Cadet Corps Sergeant Louvin Nelson of Dennery, who drowned during a cadet camp in Beauchamps, Micoud on June 28, was buried on Wednesday, July 16. The former Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School Campus B student received a military-style funeral.


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  1. the cadet corps is playing a card game of defence. the child is dead the corps take no responsiblity no body goes to jail they get the minister of education to out the flames throw him a military burial case closed


  2. First of all let me extend my sincerest condolences to the the Family of this dear boy. I have some concerns though, This boy was in the care his commanders, and this happened under their watch, How is it that this happened, I don't know that there has been any report of the investigation given to the public, this is an organisation that hundreds of St lucian youths are a part of and others are encouraged to join and parents are asked to entrust their children's well being to the corps. I don't know if the matter was handled privately and the parents got the answers as to how this happened, but I think the Corps/ police should be a lot more forthcoming to the general public on how this happened... I am very interested in knowing.


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