Fantasia says she could stay in Saint Lucia forever

Fantasia says she could stay in Saint Lucia forever

R&B singer Fantasia is on anniversary vacation in St. Lucia with her husband Kendall Taylor – and she absolutely loves the island.

Fantasia has been posting a number of Instagram photos of the island she has described as “paradise”.

According to Fantasia, today, July 28 is her last day in Saint Lucia – but apparently she does not want to leave.

The singer posted that, “I could stay here forever”.

Her entire post read: “tasiaswordWhat does Paradise mean to You? For me, it’s where no make up is needed to feel included. Where no brands or labels define those around you. Paradise for me…. is the Beauty of Simplicity! Thank You So Much to All the People of St. Lucia ❤️ you’re so sweet and Big Ups to @sugarbeachviceroy.”

Check some of her pics below:


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  1. tell her i have a land for sale , it on a mountain with veiw of rodneybay , i wont brake her arm,i have doc and everything


  2. Whether you take my comments as negativity or criticism, doesn't matter. For sure I know one thing that doesn't work is burying your heads in the sand. You are the same people who complain every week about murder rate and inability to do business in St. Lucia.


  3. I love lucia to the bone, how ever I have lived foreign for a long time. Please my Lucian people ... What do u want. If someone visited our country and we can't say positive things how do we expect someone else too visit. Let's make lucia paradise, it is. Bless


  4. Anywhere could be considered paradise if you have money and you were there for only a few days. Not saying that St. Lucia isn't beautiful but she would soon find out a lot about our society which is just baffling to the normal person. Am still not saying that anywhere else doesn't have problems but in the context of St. Lucia? Man!!!


      • Wam There is so right. Alot of visitors feels that way, because they are on vacation, but if they truly stay, it won't be the same. Had a friend who came to visit twice and loved it so much; decided to make st lucia home. After year and a half had enough. Still visit, but not for more than two weeks, every other year.


    • I've travelled tremondoulyaround Europe I've lived in Italy and have made myself a St. Lucian citizen with great pride .... because of my love for the island of my parents heritage. I have lived in Italy travel there yearly to holiday and see friends but i dont call it paradise as i do st.lucia.
      All countries have their ills but when i chose to come here to live and work with young people i found that contributing makes it a better place. What about you ... friend or foe.


  5. Thank you Fantasha for choosing our Island .we love you come again you fake weather you fix your teeth. If i could fix mine i would so forget all these negative comments.there will always be haters.we love you girl.keep the memories and come back love love.Fantashaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  6. Thank you Fantasha for choosing our Island for your vacation spot..we love you fake or realy.we are all God Children.just forgot about these negative comments some people just love to hate.come again you


  7. Well well she's in a resort people treated as a queen, the local person cannot even spend a night there due to the cost She can stay forever she's getting breakfast lunch and dinner
    Also her room is well taken care off bed made everyday and her toilet cleaned
    What more do you want


  8. Anse Chastannet, then Lader, then Sugarbeach

    Is this a form of advertising for the country?

    Did someone pay those celebrities to vacation here..

    One after the other... It dont seem right.

    PR people working well. What were their names again??

    Lets see who is next...


  9. Come to your home away from home, any time, dearest. Please tell us that you have rebooked for next year, perhaps with some invites to others. Mention us in your next love song. I will buy, just because of your wonderful voice. Please use your full range of your beautiful voice in your songs. No one, like nothing, compares with you.


  10. "More celebs to visit " That should be added to UWP's five to stay alive and called six to feel the licks


  11. This is nothing new . We all know that St Lucia can be the greatest place on earth ? If we can get our crime situation under control . Don't matter what , if a crime is being committed report it . This is your St. Lucia not theirs.


  12. Please don't stay forever. Visit anytime though and spend like you crazy but don't do cray sh!t. Bring some of your high spending friends too.


  13. What the hec...we have nicer women in St.Lucia. Do we appreciate them? No. We sit by the
    Wayside and harass them from morning till sunset. My mom at 85 is my beauty. We have the cutting edge when it comes to Women. Anyone else you see with such beauty is St.lucia parentage. There got to be a St.Lucia connection. You realize what she said. I could stay here forever. That 's a St.Lucian for you when they go oversaes.


  14. Fantasia we appreciate your visit and next time please stay at a locally owned hotel I can give you a list however please return to Trumpamerica. You have wealth and therefore you stayed Inna posh hotel but come on down to Castries to see the real "paradise". The one where you can get shot for cutting across the next drug lord.come to see poverty in Wilton's yard. Come to bring awareness to our social problems in faux a chaud Paradise yeah right.