Family where mum is daddy and dad is mummy and son is being raised as gender neutral

Family where mum is daddy and dad is mummy and son is being raised as gender neutral
Nikki and Louise Draven are raising Star-Cloud as gender fluid (Image: Mark Pinder)
Nikki and Louise Draven are raising Star-Cloud as gender fluid (Image: Mark Pinder)

(MIRROR-UK) – Parents Louise and Nikki Draven are raising Britain’s first gender-fluid family, bringing up their four-year-old son Star Cloud to “not get hung up” on being a boy.

Star’s mum is Louise, who was born a man but having hormone treatment ready to fully transition to a woman.

Dad is pansexual Nikki, born a woman but who dresses some days as male and some as female.

Nikki, 30, says: “Neither of us gets hung up on the gender we were born as.

“We don’t want our child constrained by that either. We’re just an ordinary family being who we want to be.”

Star is being brought up as gender neutral – told by his parents he is “a person” rather than “a boy”. He is free to wear make-up, paint his nails, pick out boys’ or girls’ clothes and play with dolls.

He will go to school for the first time in September wearing a boy’s uniform – but with pink vest and socks that he has chosen for the occasion.

And the youngster himself says he might grow up to be a man or a woman.

But Nikki and Louise’s approach is likely to spark a national debate – on whether the urge not to force his birth gender on Star is projecting their own issues, denying him his true identity.

Former pub bouncer Nikki says: “We want to give him the confidence to be who he wants – growing up, we didn’t have that.

“We never tell Star he’s a boy, we tell him he can be whatever he wants. We don’t buy gender specific toys or clothes and we let him choose what he wears. Pink is one of his favourite colours.

“He loves wearing leggings and, because of his name, he loves clothes with star patterns on.

“He loves Barbie dolls, dressing up and fairies – but he also likes toys considered as boys’, such as cars.

“We use the words ‘he’ and ‘him’ but don’t make any kind of big deal out of him being one sex or the other.”




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  1. I just think they shouldn't brain wash the child...rather he should be giving the choice to be what he wants. ..and not force their lifestyle on him...if this is how we are raising kids future there won't be any procreation. ...


  2. Yes we can give judgment based on the teachings from God himself. He made the rules not only for the people reading them but also for us to guide others to the straight path, that is how the word of God is spread. We have the power to judge the sin and guide ourselves and others.
    This judgement on earth is not to be confused as the big one that happens when our lives are over. He is overall judge. And God himself will ask you what have you done to help others live his word.


  3. Smh... 'Who changed the truth of God into a lie...' we cannot now condemn these parents when we glorified the legalisation of homosexual unions. The door has been opened to all kinds of strangeness. Either we stick to 'male and female created He them...' or expect anything. I feel sorry for the child.


  4. Every body born free.Every man or woman human rights to be who,what,when how ,and why they wanna be,what they wanna be.Rock the boat,dont rock the boat baby.Tip the boat,dont tip the boat over.It is what it is.I am what i am. More Power to the people.Why should i comment its none of my business.They happy am happy for them.You'll aint hurting mehandle you'll business.I promise and pray to God Almighty not to judge its Gods work,not mine.He who is perfect let him cast the first stone.I might have many stones thrown at me.I cannot cast the first stone,much less the second,third etc.So me put a muzzle on me mouth.Am not doing it,me shut up,me nah speak.


    • I bet you their hearts are purer and cleaner than some of the straight people out there. Who you think God will see first? The gays whose hearts are clean or the straight who go about judging people and do more shit? We are all special in our own ways. Learn to accept people for who they are and not what you want them to be.


  5. Trust me these 2 (don't know what to call changed to woman and woman behaving like both) are creating a monster. I see psychological issues ahead for this child ... Future sociopath!


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