UPDATED: Family strongly believes Castries security guard was murdered

UPDATED: Family strongly believes Castries security guard was murdered
Epiphane in happier times.
Epiphane in happier times.

Relatives of Philip Epiphane, whose body was reportedly found lying face down under a tree with a rope around his neck last December in Bocage, Castries, believe his death was a murder and not suicide.

In a statement to St. Lucia News Online on Tuesday, Jan. 16, relatives criticised the police, alleging that the lawman have a suspect in the case but have failed to make an arrest.

“We the family of Philip Epiphane are writing to say how disappointed we are in the investigation of his death due to it actually being a murder,” the statement reads.

“The police have all the evidence in front of them and yet still an arrest cannot be made when everyone knows who committed the crime.”

In the release, relatives stated that the alleged killer is well known to Epiphane, and that the suspect made “countless” threats to the him.

Relatives said the suspect never reported Philip missing until December 27 when the body was found. They alleged that the suspect found the body “doing his rounds”,  and added that the suspect has not given his statement to the police to date.

“Our officers need to stop waiting on people to feed them information as they sit at a desk, and get up and go out and do their jobs. Too many crimes are going unsolved in this country and families have no closure. We the family will not stop until this perpetrator is taken off the streets,” the family statement concludes.

This is the tree which police stated that Epiphane was found beneath. The branch was cut by the police to remove the piece of rope, and the second picture (right) has the thin branch the rope was in, but he was not found suspended.

According to a police press release, “on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 about 9:56am, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Castries, received a report of a suspected suicide at Bocage, Castries.

“Philip Epiphane, a fifty one (51) year old resident of Carielle, Castries was found in a prone position beneath a tree with a rope around his neck. He was subsequently pronounced dead by a medical practitioner.

“This was the twelfth suspected suicide recorded for the year 2017. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death are ongoing.”

A younger photo of Epiphane

A second police press release on the cause of the death stated: “A post mortem examination was conducted on the body of Philip Epiphane, a fifty one (51) year old resident of Carielle, Castries whose body was discovered under a tree with a rope around his neck at Bocage on Wednesday December 27, 2017 about 9:56am.

The examination revealed the cause of death as asphyxia secondary to hanging. This was the twelfth suspected suicide recorded for the year 2017.”

Epiphane, also known as Zozo, Gilroy, Leroy and Zordie, is believed to have died between Dec 21-23, 2017, but his partially decomposed body was found on Dec. 27, 2017, relatives said.

The father of two daughters and one granddaughter, was laid to rest on Monday, Jan. 15, 2018 at Choc cemetery.

Relatives said the deceased was a security guard at Bocage Primary School.

They added that he was a former resident of Cafeille, Choiseul but was living at Chase Gardens, Castries at the time of his death.


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  1. The man was not suspended in the air in a hanging position....But he committed suicide,how do you commit suicide by lying face down under a tree....That man died of asphyxiation someone...Somebody out there know how to murder people,to make it look like Suicide.Maybe all the so-call suicide cases we have in St.Lucia could actually be murder...But St.Lucia dont have the technology muchless a forensic person,a Detective Lieutenant, am very suspicious ablut these suicides,some true some not so.We need a Perry mason or a Colombo in St.Lucia to solve these crimes St.lucia....Families are mad as hell and cannot take it anymore..


  2. My condolences to the family for their lost. However reading their statement, I have a bit of caution for them. Firstly let me say that they may gave a suspect but apart from the threats or bad blood between the suspect and their love one which is their reasoning is not enough to charge anyone. It may well be the suspect may have committed the offence, however with no enough evidence or lack thereof is not ground for charging someone.
    I don't know because I don't have the facts but I would say the investigators should update the family regarding the investigation. Sometime by the police informing the family would make a world of a difference.
    I also believe the family should do some walking, meaning they should enquire information from the investigator, if they are not satisfied then they should require an audience with the supervisor/s. All the way to the top if be.


  3. Sympathies to the family, nothing done or said will return your love one.however let me caution you, many times the police is blame for poor investigation etc, sadly to inform you but they have little or no tool to do what they have to, it's so bad that they hardly have the basic equipment needed on a daily basis to operate so farless the tools needed to solve murders etc. Also many times the whole community knows who did the crime but is anyone willing to go to court an say they saw John Brown murder whoever, no they don't, so really is the government we need to blame and let them know they should properly equipped the police force then we can get some better service, cause the police don't buy their equipment like a carpenter would buy tools to work, so whatever the government gives them, that's what they will give the public in return.


    • That is why some people think they can come and commit crimes in st lucia and get away with it. Many foreigners have done it.




  4. People are getting away with murder. Asphyxiation secondary to hanging (he could have been strangle and dead before he was hang). Is that the new style to commit murder in St. Lucia? Knowing the police is not qualify in the field (it seem their minds are made up the minute they see the ropes ). See a rope --suicide.


  5. thats how the justice system is. you think if yall had name and money they would not treat yall different. bunch of scum bags they are


  6. Everyone wants their cases solve but don't want to feed police with the right info. Time has change. Police can't deal with hearsay. Y'all hate police but when shit comes knocking at ur door y'all want juice to come out of stones.


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