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Castries, Saint Lucia, Thursday October 14, 2021:– Four days after the shocking news that popular TV personality Alex Bousquet died last Sunday (October 10), Saint Lucia remains very much abuzz about his passing.

Bousquet hosted the daily ‘Street Vibes program on DBS, through which citizens of all walks of life expressed their opinions on issues of the day.

He also hosted “Friday Funnies” and “Everyday People” on weekends and was a staple attraction for Saint Lucians at home and abroad.

Bousquet died just short of Midday Sunday — and by 1pm, social media and online news media were abuzz with different versions of why and how he died.

But family members confirmed to Saint Lucia News Online yesterday (Wednesday) they still hadn’t received the official Death Certificate.

Saint Lucians at home and abroad reacted with shock and disbelief, the vast majority complimentary of Alex’s “Street Vibes” presentations and its effect as what one fan called “A Voice for the Voiceless”

Tuesday saw an outpouring of mass support from fans gathered in mourning and disbelief at the popular “Aquarius Crossing” location for Street Vibes recordings, where anyone with anything to say headed to be heard.

Many exclaimed that “Street Vibes will never be the same again!” and “Nobody will ever be able to replace Alex!”

Some also broke-down in tears at the makeshift memorial and some called for “Aquarius Crossing” to be renamed “Alex Bousquet Corner”.

Bousquet has been treated like a veritable folk hero by Saint Lucians everywhere.

Media colleagues reacted with surprise, most recalling when last they saw him and all remembering that even when the circumstances that brought them together were grave or dull, “Alex always made us laugh…”

Staff at DBS TV, where Bousquet spent a decade hosting the three programs and also anchored news bulletins, tearfully lamented his untimely passing, all vowing they’ll miss the levity he brought to the job, the workplace — and their hearts.

Family members are naturally sensitive to the continuing speculation by his media colleagues over a Cause of Death that hasn’t been determined.

“But generally,” one told Saint Lucia News Online today, “We’ve welcomed the overwhelming outpouring of affection and appreciation that’s still coming from all who speak about him.”

Meanwhile, he says, the family is planning what they promise will be “An unprecedented funeral, never to be forgotten…

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  • The Fox

    November 8, 2021 at 6:25 pm

    My cousin Alex was only one of the many cousins I still have in St. Lucia. Like Earl and Guy he earned his Stripes at Sea, like any true blooded Bousquet, J.M.D., Alan and his Naval Pilot father, my uncle Charles Bousquet. It was in Journalism, like Earl he glowed brilliantly with his T.V. shows, where he met his/our own face to face, brought up as and easily identifying as one, allowing the everyday shoppers, the poor, the homeless, anyone to vent and share their concerns. It was a show never like it before. He left a legacy, that of love and much of it. The time came when he had to answer the trumpet call from ‘Above’. His dear Mom have mourned her second, but I rather sense that theirs and ours will one good day meet in that Paradise, as promised us by the Lord, and we all say, Amen to that. Thank you Jesus.


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