Family of Dallas cop who shot neighbor: We aren’t racist

Family of Dallas cop who shot neighbor: We aren’t racist
Amber Guyger shot Botham Jean in his apartment in The Cedars neighborhood south of downtown Dallas.

(NEW YORK POST) – Relatives of the white Dallas cop who fatally shot her black neighbor are attempting to do damage control after being labeled “racists” by social media users.

Amber Guyger’s brother-in-law came forward Tuesday and defended the family after photos circulated online showing him and others making hand gestures that many believed were “white power” symbols.

“None of these are racist photos,” explained Noe Garza, 43. “I am not racist.”

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, Garza claimed that his side of the family was of Mexican descent — and that the gestures were just meant to be “silly and fun.”

“I don’t care about your nationality,” he said. “I don’t care about the color of your skin. We all bleed red.”

One of the photos in question shows Garza — who is married to Officer Guyger’s sister — at a Joe’s Crab Shack with her and several others in 2016. He can be seen making a hand signal which, according to some, is used by white supremacists.

Garza, however, insisted he was simply making a “6” and “9” symbol to represent the age of his father-in-law.

“It’s was his 69th birthday, so it was a 69,” Garza said, noting how they were out celebrating.

“That’s all it was.”

Another photo shows Guyger standing alongside her mother as she wears an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt. Many believe the saying is a diss against the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This evil bitch gets her kill first, think about it later mentality from her mother,” wrote one Twitter user in reference to Guyger.

Garza told the News that his mother-in-law had received the shirt from her husband following the 2016 ambush killings of five Dallas police officers.

“[I hate] the fact that I have to prove I’m not racist,” he said.

Guyger, a four-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, is accused of killing 26-year-old Botham Jean inside his apartment after confusing it for her own. She has been charged with manslaughter.


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  1. How about coming out and denouncing what your trigger happy, crackhead looking sister in law did to Botham. What ?????Your lawyer advised you against it, but advised that youspeak out to say you'll are not racist. I pray that you all feel the pain , the Jean family is left to suffer one way or the other. Karma is a bitch and when it hits, it's gonna be 10 times worse. Sick people.


  2. This family should be used as target practice and wen it's all said n ease her suffering with one in the torso so she knows wat Jean went thru and end it with mercy with two more to d head


  3. Excuse me jerk the damage is done and nothing can or will bring him back. So stop it with your lying excuse I'm tired of all the petty excuses coming from you and all your family . The fact is she killed him and there is not innocent until proven guilty because she is guolty. Thank you and hope you, that quack and all your family suffer more than what the Jean's family is going through now because it's a life time of pain. So go suck on something nasty


  4. Somany unanswered questions..
    1.was Borham the only black man in the housing facility?
    2.if not was he the only foreign national like trump want to
    3.did she and Botham ever had a standoff argument? she just plain racist?
    This thing is so unfortunate and crazy at the same time...she walked all the other apts# and still didn't come to sense and unfortunately coincidentally Botham,s door just happen to ajar at particular moment.
    My believe is that this woman calculated with her peers that she gonna kill that negro who lives exactly under me and come up with this excuse..the corroborating story of the neighbours make more sense.....we st.lucians don't come together in alot of things but we all are definitely irate about this entire scenario.


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