Families of Jacmel shooting victims devastated

Families of Jacmel shooting victims devastated
From left: Kyle Simon, Gillan Charles (aka Gideon), and Dequan Joseph.
From left: Kyle Simon, Gillan Charles (aka Gideon), and Dequan Joseph.
From left: Kyle Richard, Gillan Charles (aka Gideon), and Dequan Joseph.

The families of three men who were gunned down on Sunday in Jacmel are devastated and looking for answers from the police.

Speaking for the first time to the media since the incident, the mother of 37-year-old Gillan Charles claims that he might have been “at the wrong place at the wrong time”.

“He was a very, very loving son…. He came from work and he went to drop a message for somebody and went with some friends drinking a beer and eating some sardines,” Julie Charles told HTS News Force on Tuesday.

The man’s mother recalled she was walking down the same street with a friend, when someone approached her and gave her the bad news that her son was shot. She said she went to the crime scene and saw her son’s lifeless body on the ground.

Asked how she is coping with her loss, Julie said: “I am taking it very hard… everybody…. He leave an unborn baby there.”

Gillian also has a 7-year-old son.

Meanwhile, the relatives of Kyle Richard, who was injured during the incident and later succumbed at Victoria Hospital, said he sustained seven gunshot wounds.

His aunt Thelma told HTS: “I heard the gunshots you know, and I thought it was the thing (fireworks). And then my cousin came and call me and tell me that Kyle got shot…. He was undergoing surgery at the time he passed.”

The family of the youngest victim in that shooting, Dequan Joseph, 16, claims he too was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Odita Joseph, who identified herself as Dequan’s sister, had told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an earlier interview that she hopes the shooter surrenders because there were multiple witnesses.

Massy Stores has confirmed that two of their team members lost their lives in two separate unrelated incidents, one of them is Gillan who worked at the Cul de Sac branch.

The other victim is Shermiah Clercin who passed away days after being shot at Leslie Land in Castries.

“These incidents were not work-related, nor did they take place on the work site. We are extremely saddened by the loss and have taken all steps necessary to ensure that our employees have access to counselling to support them at this very sad and difficult time,” a senior Massy official told SNO.

The company says it wishes to express condolences to the families and will also be visiting them as well.


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  1. What is going on with our sweet St. Lucia. God help us. https://www.facebook.com/wilburne/videos/vb.511682983/10152425236117984/?type=3&theater


  2. Why are you wailing? Get used to it. Your children and relatives mess with drugs and those dealing with drugs? What the hell did you expect. Death any day and anytime is price. Get used to it. Shameless buffoons! Who cares?


  3. many more will hve to suffer many more will hve to DIE!!!..dont ask me why......i luv urll lucians,,,especially the females...


  4. It's interesting to read that all three families state that their loved ones who passed away in that particular incident "was at the wrong place at the wrong time.."

    So the question remains who was the intented target.


    • You all children are always Choir Boys when they get smoked, they never hurt a fly yet you all sue ti wez parents know dam well what they up to. So good riddance to bad rubbish my take over to you there will be more blood shed coming for they are all useless gangsters. Ckick, Rambally and Lazarus here they come get ready.


    • the target ran away in the process the shooter could not get him so he was angry so he took it out on the 3 individuals but he is dead now so no questions can be asked


  5. dont worry my lady they will get the killers, as far as i have heard the one that was shot bois patat is alledgedly one of them so there is still another on at large


  6. keep criminals out of st lucia....all the crimes are not done by locals....the island use to be nice and safe, not anymore.


  7. aa, what wrong with our young people in st lucia? hope the gov/police can help that crisis on the island...I know crime is everywhere, but st lucia needs help. sorry to say, but foreigners are taking over the country.


  8. I don't feel not a little bit sorry for families that allow their relatives to be engaged in gang warfare as a way of life. If like the Mafia, death is part of the price for engagement, be prepared for death EVERY freaking day!

    Growing up, many families grew up poor and barely had shoes on our feet. Some barely had food to eat. Today's young people do not feel that they are alive, that life is worth living, unless they are sporting $400.00 dollar sneakers. FREAKING SNEAKERS make these idiots happy! Where the hell were those families then to inculcate into their skulls, the important principles of life? Where were they then?

    If you live by the sword, die by the sword. Good riddance to very bad stinking rubbish. Saint Lucia was a peaceful country, that was until those drug and gang fiends came along terrorizing EVERYBODY. Go to Hell! Give me a break!


    • Shut your ignorant a**. Am sure your parents sent you to school, yet here you are showing your intelligence.


      • Three gone. What a welcome change. More to follow. It looks like that persons learnt something from going to school. These pieces of crap got what they deserve. Down with the ignorant!


    • so are you saying that gillan charles was bad stinking rubbish and he lived by the sword and had to die by it? or you speaking of the really bad people on a whole if thats what you saying you are very wrong cause he was nothing like that he was a good citizen and innocent victim and he was at the wrong place at the wrong time for true.


      • He kept bad company. Simple. The lesson to be learnt here is that when those gang people come around, if you are in the company of one from an opposite gang, you are guilty by association.

        Get a little wisdom my friend. Drug people doh care about who they kill. If you are close to someone who is doing drugs, your life will NOT be spared. You are guilty by association.

        Let those parents and relatives cry. Let them cry their wasted tears. They did not raise their children and family members to walk the straight and narrow. I have no sympathy for such stupid people.

        Cry. Cover up bad behaviour. Frustrate the police. Hide information from the police. RIP. Return If Possible. Damn you!


        • You such a fool his from the community so obviously he know the guys you such an idiot Wth you can be walking anywhere and get shot foolish St lucian


    • Stupid a...ch you will know who is guilty or innocent you think these idiots care about who they shoot or how to control these automatic guns all the neighbors house had bullets it's idiots like you that have the country in this mess no compassion just talking crap. Like you so innocent. May the young men that earn their wing's to early RIP


  9. I am appealing to the young people of St Lucia to stop the violence. Please stop killing each other and put the guns, knives, and other commodities of death away. We need to be reaching out to one another. Let us offer love support and compassion to our fellow man and women. St Lucia needs it's citizens. We need to engage every agency in the island to help battle this epidemic that is plaguing our country.
    The police, schools,parents, clubs and other professional bodies all have their part to play in ensuring that our society remains a safe and tolerant place to live in. Lets help increase the peace in this lovely island.
    Peace and love St Lucia is all we need. Let us love and care for each other. We need each other.
    Stop the violence and increase the peace!


    • If the young people and their parents who share in the spoils of their drug dealing and related crimes cannot, and will not dissuade them to change course, let these bastards die. We don't have to plead with criminals to give us a break. We just have to recognize that they have chosen a livelihood based on the death of others and themselves.

      If many more die like this, the fewer there will be, who choose this way of life. How can you ever hope to change the minds of people, when they don't have a mind to change? How?

      Let those POS die. I have no sympathy or time for scum.


    • You are wasting your time. Demi cyan read. Dem can only sell and smoke weed and then rob and kill to get more supplies. When dat done, rob and kill again to get more. Crap and crack sperm in their glory, terrorizing everybody.


  10. Some people say let "bad boys" kill each other but I say that the innocent will also get hurt in the process because they don't care about who is around when they start shooting.


  11. I'm not point fingers here, just a general thought to reflect on...
    When someone lives the "bad boy" life they endanger the lives of those around them (family, friends, acquaintances etc.). Such individuals must remember that they always have a target on their backs and on the backs of those around them.
    People must think of the consequences of their actions before they act.
    Payback is never fair!


  12. Sad that so many young people are losing their lives over conflicts that can be resolved by other means. So much rage, anger and aggression in these lands and not just from those gangsters. You hear it all the time for the most minor of incidents. Few months ago while at Super J I heard a guy A threaten to chop guy B simply because guy B tried to avoid a shopping cart a lady was pushing. And he happened to pass too close to guy A. Thankfully, guy B ignored. Learn to ignore threats. Walk away. They will call you a coward but you're the wise one.


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