False, scurrilous and defamatory – Dr. Anthony

False, scurrilous and defamatory – Dr. Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE) – The following statement has been issued by Dr Kenny D. Anthony, former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South:

“I have taken note that in several postings on Facebook and other social media, Ms. Kernisha Flavien, Public Relations Officer of the United Workers Party, wrote as follows:

“Kenny Anthony and the Labour Party continues to push a message of hatred, division and desperation all in an attempt to stop Saint Lucia from rising out of the economic disaster that he and his government left. Are Kenny and company responsible for giving orders to attempt to burn the Soufriere Hospital and equipment at the DSH construction site? What will they attempt to sabotage next? #Lock Them UP”.

This statement appeared on the UWP (Saint Lucia) website, the site of the “Citizens for Accountability & Progress (CAP), the UWP affiliated group UnitedPac as well as a so- called UnitedPac Conservative Movement. It was also shared and posted in language highly injurious and condemnatory of me by several other individuals on the social media with known UWP connections. The statements have also been reproduced on some social media outlets.

To add further insult to injury the United Workers Party issued a Press Statement to the same effect.

The meaning, innuendo and implications contained in the statements of Ms. Flavien and the United Workers Party are clear.

These statements are false, scurrilous, malicious and defamatory. In the circumstances, I want to make it absolutely clear to Ms. Flavien and the United Workers Party that I intend to take legal action to give them the opportunity to prove their allegations.”


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  1. Some exotic SLP belly dancers can not even recall with any clarity how to make their party relevant again.


  2. The craven obsession with mendacity follows the SLP even in their obviously pointless opposition. To what levels of depravity and decay this party group will not succumb to is just simply amazing.


  3. Kenny, Alva, Pierre, Musa and Hilaire all subscribed to the notion and publicly said such words like "there will be no rest," "not over my dead body," etc. So when events such as these occur is Kenny justified in saying that it could not have occurred or that such speech could not possibly spur people to commit such acts??

    I wonder what is meant when people say that politicians have to be responsible in what they say? Well duhh!! Its simply because it can inspire violence or hate because supporters take cues from politicians (some are even fanatics). HATE SPEECHES WILL ULTIMATELY HAVE AN EFFECT on the populace whether by inspiration or creating an alternate reality.


  4. Jaunty's famous song "Go A Court," was sang about who??? So you see the number of hacks that were trying to discredit my statement that KDA is the most litigious politician in St. Lucia's history. Many people seem to be forgetting.

    Try to discredit people like Trump, see if it works.


  5. U no sometimes weather is uwp or slp if a statement is wrong it's wrong we have a pm that cannot speak on our behalf but I still go on with him is u kind of people that make the politicians do what they do and u all think they are better than u u all dnt seem to notice these things are read all round the world is can see is one set of people on this site that is y it is all negative


  6. Kenny u smarter than that. It was a question. Lol. So u take it there is a law people can't ask questions. Lol lol aa aa Kenny


  7. The word seems to be spreading about SLP as more and people both locally and ex-pats elsewhere in the world join in the conversation on Twitter:







    God Bless.


  8. kenny again nothing new this guy will never change
    tell us
    will you be setting up a fund for your legal representation

    btw i thought i heard you speak of freedom of expression where has that page gone


  9. After reading these comments i'm shocked to see that there are STILL UWP followers on the island. LOL what a joke!


  10. Mr Kenny needed to settle your deeds actions and words because what goes around always comes back to you.
    Take a long good and deserving break. cool out and try to enjoy your retirement age


  11. Didnt he just talk about freedom of speech like just last week or a few weeks ago hmm interesting eh


    • Fix d road, you need a change of name to Fix d brain. There is a big difference in exercising freedom of speech and saying things to malign somebody. Now if you do not understand that basic difference, you need plenty help.


  12. Kenny let me know when you out of Diapers - At least I can afford to get you some diapers. The game is called politics. You have played it more than any politician I know back in St.Lucia. Both Compton and Odlum were your victims back in the days. You either continue to play your politics and enjoy your political points if you can score them today or get your sorry ass out of the arena so everyone knows you are out - I have ordered the Diapers !!!


  13. These behaviours and action by the leaders are the results of the lawless crimes taking place in st lucia....just imagine they can accuse each other of such malicious acts..tief nuh luv fi see tief witt long bag.i do not trust either of you.


  14. When I read the UWP’s Press Release on the alleged DHS fire this is what I posted : “Well Well Well. UWP at it gain . When will they understand that these tactics are not new and have been practiced by desperate governments elsewhere. Somehow, the UWP releases come after a fire and they claim arson. Soufriere 1st fire the party had a release claiming arson. Soufriere 2nd fire they had a release claiming arson. DHS fire and they have a release claiming arson. They are so quick to have a press release after a fire but quiet on everything else. Uhmmmmmmmm????? Is their a connection between those causing the fire and writing the releases? Are those fires meant to distract from the real issues facing the country? Is the UWP only capable of sending releases that accuse people? Is it the new game plan of the government? These are questions worth pondering.”